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Eat well, live well

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Published on 25 July 2019 10:57 AM

In Derbyshire professionals from the voluntary sector, health services and adult care work together in a Nutrition and Hydration for Older People Working Group. Over the last few years the group has developed a number of resources to help ensure older people and carers can access information and services. Not eating and drinking enough can increase your risk of having a fall, low mood and can increase your chances of getting an infection and slow down recovery from illness.

We have produced factsheets for each district of Derbyshire signposting people to social eating opportunities. Joining other people for a lunch, mid-morning coffee or afternoon tea can be a great way of boosting your appetite and making friends. These factsheets are available when people are discharged from Adult Care’s reablement services and community hospitals.

Last year we produced our ‘Top 10 tips for small appetites’ bringing together some excellent advice from nutritionists, adult care specialists and lots of practical spport.nd this year we have created two resources to help people living at home and the people who care for them. The checklists are designed to help with two very common problems when people need help to cook: not having easy access to the right equipment in the kitchen and not having enough variety of food in the cupboard.

Good food doesn’t need to be complicated and you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment but some items are essential to cook even simple recipes. Carers and older people can use the ‘Kitchen Basics’ checklist to make sure they have cooking equipment ready that is clean, in good working order and easy to find.

Making quick, nutritious meals means having a few basic recipe items in the cupboard and fridge. Having a small supply of tinned, packet, chilled and frozen items always ready means carers and individuals can make a tempting light meal in minutes. The ‘Recipe Basics’ checklist can be used as a shopping list and makes checking the cupboards, fridge and freezer easy. Personal preferences or cultural beliefs will mean some items must be substituted but the checklist can help to keep a good variety of recipe items ready to inspire the cook and the diner!

Food is such a lovely part of life. What we eat can reflect our personality and our culture and it’s a great way of bringing people together so if you think that you, or someone you know has a low appetite or needs extra support to cook help is available. All the factsheets are available on this website and on Derbyshire County Council’s website on the ‘Eat Well’ page.

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