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As a Corporate Associate Member, you can help us by:

  • Celebrating our successes
  • Promoting our charity
  • Reviewing our existing services, including their current performance, service model, funding and development plans
  • Road testing our 'draft' services, resources and facilities and contributing to their development stages
  • Informing others about issues that we want to campaign on or plans that we want to influence

NOTE: Associate Members do not have voting rights on any aspect of our Charity's governance or management.


Our Offer to Corporate Members:

  • A membership certificate
  • An information pack on AUKDD
  • A copy of Engage magazine on a quarterly basis
  • A quarterly membership newsletter
  • An opportunity to be involved and help shape the strategic direction of AUKDD
  • A named contact with AUKDD
  • An invitation to attend the AGM
  • Employee support pack including information and advice resources for use in HR and awareness raising resources eg Carers
  • Articles and campaign information for staff newsletters and notice boards
  • Campaign materials
  • Donation and fundraising materials eg collecting boxes, donation days, recycling etc.


"Payroll's easier than you think!"

Payroll Giving/ Give As you Earn (GAYE) is a way of employees giving money to charity without paying tax on it. It must be paid through PAYE from someone’s wages or pension.

HMRC information about Payroll Giving

HMRC list of approved agencies for Payroll Giving

Information from the Charities Aid Foundation (who are one of the Payroll Giving Agencies)