If you have a few hours regularly to spare or a block of time to give, and are looking for an enjoyable voluntary activity where you can meet people, use existing skills or learn new ones, we very much hope you will join our work for the older people of Derbyshire. Find out more by calling 01773 768240

“Do you enjoy spending time with people?” “You could be part of a friendly supportive team”
“Do you enjoy helping others?” “You could help us to help your community”
“Do you enjoy spending time with the elderly?” “You could help us to prevent isolation and loneliness”
“Do you have a few hours a week to help someone who is isolated or lonely?” “You could help people to live more enriching lives”

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Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering can help make friends and get you out and about again after a change in your life
  • Volunteering can mean your life experience, work skills, talents and abilities help others
  • Volunteering can help you change your life, work or outlook on life
  • Volunteering can help you learn new skills.

And volunteering helps us!

“I enjoy volunteering, it’s nice to be able to help someone, and I get back a lot too”

Our volunteers

Our volunteers are the best advert for what volunteering can do for you. All our volunteers say their regular volunteering keeps them active, gives them social contact and an opportunity to use the skills developed over a lifetime. What is more they must enjoy it - this year 8 more have earned their 10 year service certificates!

There are approximately 250 volunteers working for Age UK Derby & Derbyshire. Over the last 10 years we have awarded over 50 certificates for 10 years service and 7 for 20 years.

Our 250 regular volunteers help us provide our services, raise funds and promote our work. We could not operate any of our services with the support of dedicated, talented and enthusiastic volunteers.

“This role has given me the opportunity to start working again; it allows me to use my existing skills along with having the opportunity to learn some new skills too” 

Board of Trustees

We also have a Board of Trustees who work as volunteers to govern our organisation, giving their life and work skills to help develop Age UK Derby and Derbyshire into the future. Our Programme Boards have volunteer opportunities for advisors on work including service development, organisational development and income generation.

Case studies from Befriending volunteers:

We have volunteers in all our services and areas of work. One of the service that has a lot of volunteers is our befriending service. Here are two case studies from befriending but represent the feelings of lots of our volunteers:

  • Margaret has been volunteering for many different organisations, but now finds that befriending fits perfectly into her busy life. She says “I get so much enjoyment out of just giving up a few hours of my time, and I have found that it has enriched my own life just as much as those that I visit. Those that I visit are so grateful for the time I give them, and also to know that someone does care about them. I have found it interesting to think that only a few hours of my time could make such a significant difference to a person who lives alone. This type of volunteering is so rewarding and I learn so much from the people that I visit”.
  • Vivian, who helps out at a lunch club and also takes a lady out to the park in her wheelchairs says “When I visited my mother in a care home, after she had a stroke, I was surprised on how many people did not have someone visiting them. It made me think about how I would feel if my mother did not have me, or how I would feel if I was in the same situation. I would hope that someone would take the time to visit me. I didn’t have much to do with the elderly before now, but do now with the volunteering, and it has enriched my life. When I hear on the news how older people are treated or forgotten, it’s very sad to hear. Now I try to encourage the rest of my family and try to inspire the younger generation to volunteer. When I hear that Age UK are desperate for volunteers it surprises me, as volunteering with the elderly is so rewarding, because you meet such wonderful characters who have interesting and humorous stories to tell.

Opportunity to really help frail older people in our community:

Are you concerned about the provisions of care for frail older people, sadly so many now with varying levels of dementia?

Do you have management, PR, media, technology or other skills.  

If so, Darley Dale based First Taste Charity, (www.firsttastecharity.co.uk)  would love to hear from you.

They are seeking new trustees with skills to help drive forward the Charity’s aims of meeting the demands of working creatively in today’s challenging environment.  Please help them make a difference to the quality of life for vulnerable older people, especially those who are often out of sight, forgotten and unseen.   

For further information please contact:

Iris Wagstaffe,

Trustee & Voluntary Secretary

at the First Taste Office,

Tel: 01629 733849

email: firsttaste@btinternet.com

Further information