Derbyshire ConstabularyThere are lots of scams around that sound convincing but are designed to trick people into giving away personal details and/or money. Derbyshire Constabulary and other agencies send out regular warnings to try and help people avoid particular people, companies or general scams.


To find out about current or former scams that the Police have been made aware of, please visit the Action Fraud website:

A few of the scams that we have been told about are listed below, but this is not a full list, nor is it going to be updated after July 2017:

Scam 40 (Jun 2017): Fake calls from HMRC

Scam 39 (Jan 2017): Fake charities

Scam 38 (Jan 2017): Fake Amazon order emails

Scam 37 (Dec 2016): Lloyds bank fake letters

Scam 36 (Jul 2016): Phone Upgrade scams

Scam 35 (Jul 2016): Fake letter boxes

Scam 34 (Jun 2016): Fraudulent cheques to businesses

Scam 33 (Apr 2016): Social media ticket fraud

Scam 32 (Apr 2016): Online job recruitment

Scam 31 (Dec 2015): Fraudsters pretending to be Police Officers

Scam 30 (Oct 2015): TalkTalk Cyber attack

Scam 29 (Oct 2015): Council Tax band phone calls

Scam 28 (Jul 2015): British Gas or Ministry of Justic emails Torrentlocker virus

Scam 27 (Jul 2015): DC Martin Benton New Scotland Yard Fraud Dept phone calls

Scam 26 (Jul 2015): Bank phone calls

If you already are a victim of fraud

If you believe that you have been a victim of fraud you can report it by telephone 0300 123 2040 or online

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