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Our History

Founded in 1948 as the East Sussex Older People’s Welfare Committee we became an independent charity in 1973, and until December 2010 we were called Age Concern East Sussex. In January 2011 we rebranded as Age UK East Sussex. This was because we became a brand partner with Age UK (the new national charity for older people formed by the merger of Age Concern England and Help the Aged). We are independent, locally focused and led by the needs and aspirations of those in later life in and around East Sussex.

Our County

We celebrate the fact that the proportion of the county's population over pensionable age is 26% of the total population. This is substantially higher than the regional and national averages of 17.8% and 17.0% respectively. Moreover, the relative size of the population aged over 75 years is higher than in any other county in England and Wales.

The county’s population is expected to age considerably over the next twenty years. As a result, the proportion over retirement age is projected to increase year on year to over 35% by 2026.

Currently there are around 10,000 people living with dementia (including those who have not yet been diagnosed). This figure is projected to rise to 13,000 in 2021 (an increase of 30%).

Our Vision

East Sussex is a great place to grow older.


To enhance the quality of later life for people in East Sussex by:

  • Working with people in later life to identify and respond effectively to their expressed needs and aspirations
  • Representing people in later life
  • Promoting a positive image of later life
  • Being a sustainable charity and social enterprise
  • Working with relevant organisations with complementary aims and values

Our Values

We are:

  • Respectful – We treat others as they would want to be treated
  • Inclusive – We work together, we involve, and we consult
  • Positive – We welcome challenges and celebrate achievements
  • Realistic – We are open and truthful, whilst remaining ambitious
  • Solution-focused – We ensure that what we do makes a real difference
  • Expert – We strive to be the best at what we do
  • Empowering – We support others to achieve their goals

Strategic Aim for 2019 to 2022

We will be a financially sustainable charity and social enterprise led by our customers, collaborating with others and delivering excellence.

Strategic Goals for 2019 to 2022

  • Customer insight and engagement will drive the planning, co-design and delivery of our services and product.
  • We will proactively seek and be agile in response to collaboration opportunities where they best meet the needs of older people and/or support our financial sustainability.
  • We will consolidate existing investment and capabilities in Social Enterprise and remain alive to new opportunities for growth and diversification.
  • Our business support systems and capacity will be fit for purpose, efficient and integrated in support of excellence.