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Fix Care at this General Election

Published on 09 December 2019 01:10 PM

At this General Election we want to see every political party bring forward policies to help our older population, those in the greatest need above all, with the aim of enabling more people to enjoy the dignified, secure and fulfilling later life we all want for ourselves and those we love.

Care and how it is funded has been waiting for a fundamental Government led overhaul for many years now. Instead it’s had to be rescued with emergency injections of public money - just enough to avert complete collapse.
The next Government must secure the immediate future of care through investing £8 billion over the next two years, to stabilise existing services.

Our attached manifesto lays out what policies we are looking for from the next Government to enact to help stabilise the cost of care across the country.

Age UK General Election Manifesto 2019

Age UK Website - General Election 2019 More Information 

If you agree with our manifesto, pledge your vote on the 12th of December for the party who you feel would help fix the cost of care in this country.