Set out how we strive to treat all our users and supporters


Honest, open and accessible

We will:

  • be clear about what we can and cannot offer;
  • be open to ideas, suggestions and new ways of doing things; and
  • make it easy for people to access information about what we are doing and to access the services we provide.

Attentive, resourceful and agile

We will:

  • listen to, reflect and act appropriately on what older people are saying;
  • use data and feedback to help us understand what local people want; and
  • be flexible and responsive in our service planning and delivery;

Supportive, assertive and empowering

We will:

  • support older people to make choices to enhance their own well-being;
  • speak up for older people on issues that concern them, particularly where there is disadvantage, inequality or exclusion; and
  • support older people in equipping themselves to engage in community and civil society.

Independent, reflective and inclusive

We will:

  • seek to promote change which leads to improvements for older people;
  • monitor and evaluate what we do, to ensure we are making a difference; and
  • develop a strong volunteer base from all sections of the local community.

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