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  • Yawar Choudhry


    Yawar has been with Age UK Lambeth since 2015 and became the Hon Treasurer in 2016. He has extensive experience of developing new products and services across financial, automotive and IT sectors. He works in the Retirement division of Legal & General and in his recent role he helped set up the Legal & General Home Finance business offering a range of lifetime mortgages in the UK.

  • Emma Paterson


  • Colleen Wong


  • Bernard Nawrat


    Bernard was born and lived in South London. For 20 years he worked in the Social Services department and has good insight into services for vulnerable people and how this has changed over the years. As someone with a strong social conscience, he applied for trustee Age UK Lambeth in order that he can add his experience and skills to make a difference. Charities pick up a lot of the slack in provision of services especially to older people so he thinks he can offer a valuable contribution and perspective to how these are organised and delivered.

  • Huw Herrity


    Originally from Wales, Huw has been a resident of Lambeth since 2014. He has a Chemistry Degree from the University of Manchester but has spent his working career in various IT and Transformation related roles for large financial services organisations. He hopes to bring his knowledge and experience to bear in helping to shape the use and adoption of technology by Age UK Lambeth.

  • Owen Davies


    Owen was raised in London but has a Welsh heritage. He studied history at university and then went on to qualify as a social worker. After working in Oxford and Sussex, he became a trade union officer and undertook a range of duties supporting workers in Local Government, the NHS, and the Voluntary Sector. He retired in 2015 but is currently chair of the Clapham Family Practice Patients Participation Group. He reviews opera and theatre for Plays to See and is a part-time student at Rose Bruford College in Sidcup. He has lived in Lambeth since 1984.

  • Aaron Cue

    Aaron is a digital communications professional who has spent the majority of his career working for third-sector and media organisations. He recently joined the Civil Service and now works as Head of Digital Communications at a government department. Aaron is passionate about the power of digital communications and its use as a tool to bring people together and share messages with hard to reach audiences. A south London native, Aaron joined the board of trustees to help tackle social isolation and the digital divide.