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Campaigns can really make a life difference to people going through difficult and challenging situations.

Events such as  Covid 19, increased cost of living and current challenging times highlight the need to raise awareness about issues which need changing and which can improve well-being.

Here at Age UK Lambeth, we have a number of campaigns which each include a set of practical goals aimed at making life better for Lambeth residents. We care about your physical, mental, and financial well-being. 

Based on our charity mission All our campaigns have an agenda to improve some of these issues and support older people in Lambeth to live enriched, productive and purposeful lives: challenging the stigma of ageing.

Current Campaigns

  • Age Friendly Lambeth

    We are working in partnership with Lambeth Council, Public Health and the wider community to build an ageing well community!! 

    In November 2021 we began the process by listening to and getting feedback from older residents by the methods below:

    • We hosted 3 focus groups in November
    • We got views on the 8 Age Friendly domains by a simple online survey and completion of hard copy versions we sent to those who do not use computers.
    • You can  find out more about the 8 Age Friendly domains and the methods we used here
    • We have been  working as part of Council led Age Friendly Steering Group since 2022 and positive actions have taken place with the aim of improving lives including: The Council is a member of the Age Friendly UK Communities Network, A Council Age Friendly consultation Survey, Development of a Kerbside Strategy, Falls Prevention work, improvements to open spaces, safer streets

    In September 2023 we held our First Age Friendly Celebration event @ The Oval Cricket Ground. The supportive, informative and fun event was a great success.  See more information here.

  • Let's keep fit - Healthy, physically and socially!

    We want older and disabled Lambeth residents to have a happy life inspired by keeping their minds and body active as much as possible. We acknowledge that mobility and social issues can make life difficult. However, we are constantly working to improve lives by connecting, messaging and enabling you to get involved in the way which suits you bestFind more helpful information here.

  • Cost of Living Support available now

    We know these are very challenging and difficult financial times for Lambeth and other residents all over the UK.  We are very committed to helping older residents struggling to make ends meet.  It's so important to be able to eat and keep warm and well during these challenging times.  We have put together a glossary of useful tips and links.

    See more information here for additional help!

Continued Relevant Campaigns

Our past, but always relevant campaigns