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What does food poverty mean?

The Association of UK Dieticians Food poverty does not have a precise definition, but can be summarised as the inability of individuals and households to obtain an adequate and nutritious diet in socially acceptable ways, or the uncertainty that they will able to do so. The term “food insecurity” is sometimes used instead. The causes of food poverty or insecurity are complex. It can affect those living on low incomes, but also people with limited access to transport, poor housing or physical or mental ill health.  



Which groups are significantly affected by food poverty?

Lambeth Council confirms low-income families, and certain sections of the population are more at risk of food poverty including:

  • Low-income households;
  • Black and minority ethnic groups;
  • Men living alone;
  • People suffering from mental health issues;
  • Frail and poor older people;
  • People with disabilities.

Inspirational quotes from key Lambeth  people

    • Everybody in Lambeth should be able to secure a healthy diet (Lambeth Council).

    • Everyone has the right to be able to afford to purchase food on a daily basis (Lambeth Community Group).

    • We want to see an end to the need for food banks (Lambeth Food bank rep).

    • We don't want people to develop illnesses from lack of, or unhealthy eating (Lambeth Community Group).

Click here to get more information about food poverty and what's currently happening in Lambeth to tackle it. 

Print and download  and share with as many people as possible who need help!


Contact us now to get help on one of the numbers or links below! 


Our Food Coordinator can help you to access food

  1. Make direct contact with our Age UK Lambeth Food Coordinator if you need help with accessing food - (Sarah Flynn) by contacting our MYCommunity Helpline  on:  0333 360 3700.

Our trained Advisors can assess and help you to tackle income problems

 2. Contact us if you are struggling financially to check if you are eligible to get Universal Credit or any discounts off your household bills. Please call our MYCommunity Helpline  to get professional advice on:0333 360 3700 or complete the form on the following link:


Our MYsocial Service can help you to have fun by attending events and learn more about healthy eating. 

3. Check out our MYSocial website by clicking on the link below if you want to learn more about healthy eating and other social activities. Become a member if you aren’t already one  - https://mysocial.london/ 

You can also call on: 0203 1435 695 or email: members@mysocial.london


See Age UK National’s Healthy Eating Guide on the link below for useful tips on healthy eating

4. Improve your health by eating more healthily and check out the Age UK Healthy Eating guide on the useful link below:



See instagram tips on how you can eat good meals prepared simply including footballer Marcus Rashford and professional chef Tom Kerridge 

5. See easy meal recipes which everyone as well as children can benefit from:


See the Lambeth Larder website for useful tips and information

6. See Lambeth Larder’s useful Food Directory Resource