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MYsocial is a social membership service. 

MYsocial is a calendar of events, many of them are free, or under £10, all of them are hosted and we put things in our calendar that Members tell us they want to do.

Being a Member of MYsocial gives you access to our calendar of events. We want to help you discover friendships, connect with your community, and do things that make you happy.

There are no restrictions with MYsocial. Membership is open to anyone who wants to meet new and old friends and socialise. We want MYsocial to be at the heart of our drive to change the narrative of ageing. We want to encourage older people to be active, to reconnect with things they have loved to do, to have fun and build strong friendships.

MYsocial was set up by Age UK Lambeth to help people discover friendships, connect with their community, and do things that make them happy. Our goals are to have a real impact on the ability of older people to live independent lives, support their own well-being and actively contribute to society. We also want to help reduce social isolation and loneliness.

We run over 60 events a month from regular classes like Zumba and yoga to cultural trips like gallery exhibitions, jazz clubs and exciting events like parties and even a trip to an adult ball pit. Every event is hosted so guests arrive to see a friendly face; *whilst these physical events are temporarily on hold due to covid regulations we are currently running an exciting online calendar of events - check out our website for further details*.

Visit MYsocial's website and see for your self!

Find lots of events and activities online by visiting MYsocial's website


At least one third of events or activities are free to Members and one third will be under a tenner. More expensive events will be discounted.


Every MYsocial event will have a host, responsible for helping new Members become part of the group.

Small is beautiful

With the exception of large "set piece" events (e.g. parties), most events will be capped at a maximum of 15 people to encourage Members to connect.

Venues around the borough

The calendar has events across a wide range of venues, including community venues, pubs, cafes, cinemas and even online!

Staying active

Our goal is to have regular events that encourage people to get/stay active.

For more information call us on 020 7346 6800 or email us at info@ageuklambeth.org