While you can take part in some of our organised fundraising events we know that they don't appeal to everyone. Sometimes, you can't beat doing something on your own... or something just a little bit different!

You can fundraise for us in any way at all - we would love to hear about your ideas!

Blue PurseIf you would like to fundraise for us like this, please visit our JustGiving page and click the orange 'Fundraise for us' button in the top right hand corner. If you need any help, or ideas, please get in touch with George Harvey.


Top Fundraising Suggestions:


Wear your own clothes!

It's amazing what people will give if only they can wear a comfy pair of jeans and their newest shoes! If you're a school or workplace, we know that a 'mufti day' or 'dress down Friday' could be the perfect idea to raise funds.


Bake a cake!

Meal PlumYou can't beat a cake sale! Everyone can get involved, whether they bake or buy, and you're sure to be popular if you suggest that everyone gets to eat cake... and feel good doing it!


"Sponsor me..."

Light Green AppleIf it sounds tough, people will sponsor you to do it! Maybe you're a chatter box - shhhh... sponsored silence. Can you juggle? How about you do it for three hours?! Fancy losing some weight? Give up junk food for a while and ask people to give to Age UK London if you can succeed! 



Bubble OrangeDo you know people who relish the opportunity to tell you who the top goalscorer in the 1930 World Cup was, or how many words are in the Harry Potter novels? Then you know people who would love a quiz night! Why not organise one and raise funds for Age UK London while they compete for the biggest brain (or bore) award!


For more information, contact George Harvey.