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Age UK London is a charity that campaigns for an age-friendly London

Our vision is of an age-friendly London, in line with the aims of WHO Global Network for Age-friendly Cities and Communities. 

Our mission is to campaign for specific change to improve the lives of older Londoners and ensure that their experiences, needs and contributions are heard and taken into account by decision makers.

We do this in three ways:

  • Core campaigns, through which we will secure specific, sustainable changes to the policies and practices of decision makers to improve the lives of older Londoners and make London an age-friendly city.
  • Shaping the agenda, by ensuring that the experiences, needs and contributions of older Londoners are heard by decision makers and form part of the public discourse on the future of London. Through our relationship with local Age UKs in London, we can bring the data and insight they have on older Londoners’ lives and use it to shape public policy discussions.
  • Supporting the London network of local Age UKs. An age-friendly city relies on both campaigning and direct service provision, so we support the network of local Age UKs in London who deliver vital front-line services. 

The principles that underpin all our work:

  • We champion the contribution older Londoners make to the city.
  • We put older Londoners’ views, experiences and wellbeing at the heart of what we do.
  • We consider diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work and seek to challenge the additional impact of ageism alongside other inequalities.
  • We base our decisions on evidence not assumptions.
  • We work with others who share these principles.

How does Age UK London fit into the London network of local Age UKs?

Age UK London exists because there is a layer of decision making bodies specific to London that have an impact on the lives of older people living in the city. With our pan-London campaigning remit, we are able to use the insight that local Age UKs in London gain through their service provision into systemic problems experienced by older people and the barriers they encounter to delivering services. Using this insight, we campaign for change in these areas.

Take a look at our past campaigns:

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