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This year, Age UK London ’s Autumn Booster campaign will support older Londoners, including those most at risk from flu and COVID-19, with information on the benefits of the vaccines and how it can be accessed. 

Now, more than ever - get your flu jab - protect yourself and those around you.

Attend our online event

Flu and Covid19 - What older Londoners need to know Age UK London, GLF & NHS London present an opportunity to put your questions on Flu and Covid19 to key NHS professionals Monday 14 November 2022

Download our Autumn Booster Toolkit

Our Autumn Booster toolkit has all the facts and figures about the flu and COVID-19 virus and will give you all the resources to run a flu vaccine information session yourself. Download the toolkit and share the information with your friends, family, and fellow organisations.

Autumn Booster Poster

As well as our toolkit we have a poster. You can download a copy of the poster here or contact the team who can send you copies of the poster in A5 size.

Autumn Booster Leaflet

Our leaflet provides an A5 handout for your service users and outlines the details of the Autumn Booster campaign.

During the coming winter, the NHS is concerned about the spread of flu as well as COVID-19 and we have vaccines for both of these dangerous viruses. Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases as they teach our immune system how to recognise and fight viruses.

We are all aware of the dangers of COVID-19 but we must not forget that flu is also a dangerous virus that kills thousands of people a year and complications from flu can include pneumonia, inflammation of the heart, brain or muscle tissues, as well as multi-organ failure.

Being vaccinated against both viruses will not only help you to protect yourself and those around you from flu and COVID-19, but will help protect everyone from a potentially devastating double threat this winter.

This year Age UK London continues the "Now More Than Ever" campaign, a focused promotion of the flu and COVID-19 vaccine across London. The campaign will place additional focus on targeting older Londoners from BAMER communities who are particularly vulnerable. 

To book your free flu and COVID-19 vaccine, please talk to your GP or pharmacist. You can find your local GP by clicking here and your local pharmacist by clicking here.