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Stay healthy this winter

This year, Age UK London ’s Winter Health campaign will support older Londoners, including those most at risk from flu and COVID-19, with information on the benefits of the vaccines and how it can be accessed. 

We have a poster and a leaflet you can display if you are involved with an older person's organisation. 

Stay healthy this winter book your vaccinations now. 


Download our winter health and vaccines poster here

Winter Vaccines Leaflet

You can download your winter health and vaccines leaflet here

During the winter, the NHS is concerned about the spread of flu as well as COVID-19. Vaccines are the most effective way to prevent infectious diseases as they teach our immune system how to recognise and fight viruses.

Millions of eligible Londoners can book life-saving autumn Covid and flu vaccines online in response to the risk of the new Covid variant.

Vulnerable Londoners, including those in care homes and the housebound started receiving their jabs. 

GP practices and other local NHS services will also be contacting people to offer both flu and Covid vaccines, and people can book the flu vaccine by searching online for a local pharmacy.

This year’s adult Covid and flu vaccination programme has been brought forward on the advice of scientists following the emergence of a new Covid-19 variant (BA.2.86), which has a high number of mutations.

Age UK London alongside the NHS is encouraging people to get both vaccinations as soon as they can and not delay, due to the risk of the new Covid-19 variant and ahead of the winter period.

It is important for those who are eligible to top up their protection, even if they have had a vaccine or been ill with flu or Covid before, as immunity wanes over time and these viruses change each year.

Last year, the NHS faced the ‘twindemic’ of flu and Covid with high occupancy in hospitals and record pressure on staff and plans for this winter are already underway.

Abi Wood, CEO at Age UK London said: 

“It is really important that older Londoners book their vaccinations as the news of a new variant shows that COVID-19 has not gone away and is something we must continue to live with. Everyone aged 65 and over is eligible for the free flu vaccine as well as the free covid vaccine. As we start to see winter arrive and the colder weather not far behind, it’s important that all older Londoners protect themselves, and those around them, by getting vaccinated.”

Winter health Event Video

Age UK London held two Winter Health Events one in person and the other online. At these events Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya answered many questions relating to the flu and covid vaccines alongside many others about keeping well during the winter. You can view the event below.

Q&A Winter Vaccines

Dr Jeeves responds to the most popular questions about the flu and covid vaccines. You can find out more here.

Case Studies

  • Read Asoke story

    We recently spoke to Asoke, an older Londoner, to ask about his thoughts on the flu jab and why it is so important to protect yourself and those around you this year.

    What are your thoughts on the flu jab? Have they changed in light of the current situation?

    'I have been taking the vaccination against flu for a number of years. It has become more important now because of coronavirus.

    I have already had my flu jab this year. The GP surgery sent me a text to book an appointment which we did and had my jab last Saturday.

    Many people who could be vulnerable to flu could also be susceptible to Covid-19. People who may suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma may have more likelihood of catching both diseases, at least we have a vaccination against flu so it is very important that we protect against it and wait until a vaccine against coronavirus is found.'

    Do your friends and people close to you feel the same as yourself?

    'Most of my friends have taken flu vaccinations as have my wife. Their thoughts for taking vaccination against flu are similar to my own thoughts. Coronavirus has put all of us in a danger zone, many people that I know of are waiting for a vaccine against it as well as trying to protect themselves against flu and pneumonia.'

  • Read Arvind's story

    We recently spoke to Arvind, to ask about his thoughts on the flu jab and why this year is even more important than ever.

    What are your thoughts on the flu jab? Have they changed in light of the current situation?

    'Last year, I found that there were not many comments and interest but this year the response seems much better. I have heard that they have posters up at GP surgeries and churches in my neighbourhood so I think the campaign must be successful.

    I have been encouraging my friends and pretty much everyone I speak to go and get it through their GP or at the pharmacy.'

    Is there anything you feel needs to be talked about more?

    'I think it is really important for BAME people to go and get the flu jab, especially in light of the recent Covid-19 studies.

    My other concern is what happens to people who don’t have a mobile phone and can’t receive a text for appointments? GP surgeries should make time to contact people directly via their landline. This is a suggestion from personal experience but I think it could be one way of encouraging older isolated people more.'