Supporting the 1.6 million pensioners who are living on or below the poverty line.

End pensioner poverty

Our End Pensioner Poverty campaign aims to raise awareness of the problem of poverty for older people in the UK and call on local and national Government to take action.

The campaign launched in October 2014 with our first ‘End Pensioner Poverty Week’. This raised awareness of low benefit take up amongst older people, especially those who are struggling financially. Vulnerable older people who are suffering in silence, unable to afford decent food, heat their homes or live an independent life. 

During the week Age UKs across the country held events to discuss pensioner poverty with their MPs, and over 1,200 people emailed their MP to ask their to raise the issue in Parliament.

What next?

There are 84 Age Champion MPs in Parliament, who have pledged to stand up for older people’s issues. We’ll be working with them, the Government and other local decision makers to continue to work to reduce pensioner poverty.