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This coming Autumn, Age UK Norfolk is inviting your school to think about grandparents, great-grandparents and those older people special to you, just in time to celebrate Grandparent’s Day (6th October)!

Age UK Norfolk are encouraging primary schools across Norfolk to learn about people in later life, how Age UK Norfolk is supporting them, to explore how Whole School British Values relate to older people and to engage in intergenerational activities with important older people in their lives.

We are hoping that your school can schedule an assembly or class lesson focussed on older people you know, around the first or second week in October 2024 to coincide with Grandparents Day in the UK. We’ve prepared some handy follow on activities with downloadable work sheets which you may find useful.

How do these activities relate to the curriculum?

  • Whole School British Values. Promoting Respect for
    Others (through Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural
  • Foundation Stage. Understanding the World-Past and
    Present, People Culture and Communities
  • KS1. PSHE- People who help us
  • KS1. History - Changes within living memory
  • KS2. PSHE- Social Development through topics such as
    Families and Friendships, Respecting Ourselves and
    Others, Belonging to a Community.
  • KS2. PSHE - Economic Education through talking about
    fundraising and the role of charities in society.

We've put together a handy pack and other resources to help you celebrate Grandarent's Day. Download your free resources today to start planning how your school will celebrate Grandparent's Day!

If you would like any help getting started or would like to share your celebrations with us, please email