Did you know 1 in 3 older people who are eligible to claim benefits don't do so?

What financial support is there for me?

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During 2014/15, Age UK Norfolk helped boost the income of older people in Norfolk by £4,233,364, helping them to claim money that they're entitled to. 

Benefits are changing

The Government has introduced new legislation that may affect you. Find out what's new and what's stayed the same.

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Top 5 myths preventing pensioners from claiming benefits

I don’t think I’ll be eligible for Pension Credit

Don’t rule yourself out. Around two thirds of claims are successful and over 2.5 million people across Britain receive it.

I’ll get so little it’s not worth me claiming

Even if you only get a little extra each month, receiving Pension Credit may open the door to you receiving help for other things such as rent, council tax or keeping your house warm.

I have some savings so I won’t get anything

Having some savings or another pension doesn’t necessarily rule you out. In fact, if you’re aged 65 or over you might be entitled to extra money for having saved some money towards your retirement.

I own my own home so I won’t get anything

Owning your own home doesn’t rule you out. Nearly half of families who get Pension Credit own their own home.

I’ve been turned down for Pension Credit before. It’s not worth applying again.

Your circumstances could have changed and there’s been a change to how entitlement is worked out which means even more people could now be eligible. The first £10,000 of your savings will now be ignored when working out if you can get Pension Credit.