Find out about the Norfolk Council on Ageing, the membership organisations and individuals who make up Age UK Norfolk.

The NCoA

MeetingThe Norfolk Council on Ageing or NCoA is the working name of the membership organisations and individuals who make up Age UK Norfolk. 

The NCoA comprises 43 organisations including four local Age UKs and Age Concerns and 39 other organisations, all of which have an interest in issues relating to ageing and older people.  Membership also includes our Honorary Officers, President, Vice-Presidents, Original Subscribers and a number of co-opted members.

The NCoA meets quarterly and meetings usually include a keynote speaker on a topical subject. The meetings are well attended and the discussions can get quite lively!  NCoA meetings are open to the public. For further information about NCoA meetings or our AGM, please contact Paula Skelton, Executive PA to the Chief Executive, on T 01603 785 235 or E

Terms of Reference

The NCoA works to a set of Terms of Reference which were approved by the NCoA on 21 July 2009. The Terms of Reference are:

  • To provide the membership of Age UK Norfolk
  • To influence the overall direction of the charity
  • To nominate and elect the charity’s Honorary Officers and Trustees
  • To provide a forum for discussion on local issues affecting older people and on the impact of national policies and strategies
  • To provide a platform for information sharing and receiving
  • To provide a mechanism for consultation with representatives from Age UKs/Age Concerns and older people’s organisations across Norfolk
  • To nominate and elect older people’s representatives to the Norfolk Older People’s Strategic Partnership Board

Age UK Norfolk's 2017 Annual GeLaura Alcock-Fergusonneral Meeting

Our 2017 AGM took place on Tuesday 12 September. The theme of the AGM was loneliness and how we can work together to end it in Norfolk.  

We were delighted that Laura Alcock-Ferguson, Executive Director of The Campaign to End Loneliness gave the keynote speech: "The future of loneliness: What next for the movement to reduce loneliness in later life?"


Age UK Norfolk’s 2016 Annual General Meeting

Our 2016 annual general meeting (AGM) took place on Tuesday 13 September. Professor Alistair Burns spoke on 'The Challenges of Dementia' and our advocacy services were showcased.

Age UK Norfolk’s 2015 Annual General Meeting

Our 2015 AGM took place on Tuesday 08 September in Mattishall.  We were delighted that Professor Ann Buchanan MBE was our keynote speaker.  Professor Buchanan MBE talked about "The Importance of Grandparents".  


A copy of Professor Buchahan's presentation (PowerPoint document, 1,158 KB) is available.  


Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership Board

The Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership (NOPSP) Board brings together older people's representatives and the agencies providing services for older people in the county.

The aim of the NOPSP Board is:

  • To ensure older people in the county lead independent and fulfilling lives.

MeetingThe NOPSP Board reviewed and agreed its Terms of Reference (Word document 67 KB) on 07 December 2016.

You can view membership of the NOPSP Board (Word document 65 KB) as at 09 April 2015.

NOPSP Board meetings are now open to members of the public. Please contact Sonya Blythe who provides business support to the NOPSP Board by telephone on 01603 228 899 or email: 

2017 NOPSP Board meeting dates (Word document 169 KB).

Age UK Norfolk has undertaken to circulate minutes of NOPSP Board meetings to NCoA members and associate members. The latest minutes available are of the NOPSP Board meeting held on 14 September 2017. Please note that these minutes are unconfirmed.  If you would like a copy of the presentations referred to in the minutes, please contact Paula Skelton (01603 785 235). 

Minutes of earlier NOPSP Board meetings are also available:

15 June 2017

16 March 2017.  

07 December 2016.  The attachment referred to in the minutes is Summary of Group Feedback.

 21 September 2016.

07 July 2016 (Word document 31KB).  Presentation referred to in the minutes is: Elly Wilson (PowerPoint 8,781 KB).  

09 March 2016 (Word document 33KB).  Presentations referred to in the minutes are as follows: Janice Dane (Power Point document 141KB),Kate Rudkin (Power Point document 842KB), NIC (Power Point document 172KB) and Jonathan Clemo (Power Point document 3,320KB).

02 December 2015 (Word document 106 KB).  Presentations referred to in the minutes are as follows:  Steve Holland (Power Point document 1,195 KB) and Dennis Bacon (Power Point document 816 KB).

30 September 2015 (Word document, 122 KB).  Presentations referred to in the minutes are as follows:  Graham Creelman (Power Point document, 358 KB), Rob Walker (Power Point document, 846 KB), Sandra Roberts (Power Point presentation, 173 KB), Euan Williams (Power Point document, 57 KB), Catherine Underwood (Power Point document, 2,759 KB).  

17 June 2015 (Word document 140 KB).  The attachments to these minutes are presentations given by:  Professor Fiona Poland (PowerPoint Presentation 498 KB), Andrew Morter (PowerPoint Presentation 98 KB) and Caroline Cunningham-Brown (PowerPoint Presentation 875 KB)

11 March 2015 (Word document 126 KB).  The attachments to these minutes are presentations given by: Chris Speed (PowerPoint Presentation 1,362 KB) and Niki Park (PowerPoint Presentation 102 KB).

The NCoA elects three representatives from its membership onto the NOPSP Board. The following are the current representatives:

Carole Williams (to April 2018)

David Button (to April 2019)

Dr Derek Land (to April 2020)

You can download a copy of a report (Word document 31 KB) prepared by David Button containing key information from the most recent meetings of the NOPSP Board.  

The NCoA representatives provide verbal updates to our members about NOPSP Board business at NCoA meetings.

The NOPSP has produced a leaflet, in conjunction with older people, entitled "Quality Standards for Printed Information for Older People" (PDF 1.03 MB). The aim of the standards is to promote good practice and make written information as simple and easy to understand as possible. Hard copies of the leaflet can be obtained by contacting Age UK Norfolk on 01603 787 111.

On 30 September 2015, the Norfolk Older People's Strategic Partnership launched its latest version of its strategic document: 'Living Longer Living Well Promoting Independence and Wellbeing 2016-2018' (PDF document, 576 KB).


Further information

NCoA Membership List

NCoA review of past meetings including minutes of meetings