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Moist Breath Zone

Published on 15 May 2020 08:31 PM

This is an incredibly catchy song with some very cute animal clips and the lyrics which make it easy for young children to understand the concept of social distancing. It might help grandparents to get this important message over in a fun way.

Shirley Serban, a New Zealander, wrote this song for Kiwi teachers, parents and grandparents to use to help children understand the expectations on them when they are back in school and should be really relevant to the UK when our schools reopen. 

So why not show it to your young children or grandchildren? They will love the animal activities in the video.

The lyrics are:

We’re back at school, it’s really cool
To all be here together
We made it through and I missed you
The country’s getting better

But sorry, no high five or hug
Let’s wait a little longer
Till we can beat that Covid bug
Being careful makes us stronger

I’m glad to see you but please leave me alone
If you need to cough, use your elbow
When you’re feeling sick - you gotta stay at home
And stay out of my moist breath zone!

I’ll share my news, but my food’s for me alone
If I smell your breath, I will go sit on my own
Always wash your hands - make them soapy, full of foam
And stay out of my moist breath zone!

If I can smell the tuna bake
You had for tea last night
Then I’m way too close to your face
I’ll move to make it right

I like to hear you sing a song
But I don’t like your spit
So be a good sport - keep us strong
By moving back a bit!


I like to tackle and play rough
Outside when it’s break time
But now that’s not quite safe enough
Don’t touch and we’ll be fine

I know you love my company
But I need my own space
You’re not my shadow, stuck to me
Please get out of my face!


Just stay out of my moist breath zone!



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