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Bereavement Support Service

  • Location: Age UK Northumberland
  • Price: Free
Call 01670 784 800 for more info

Please note, this service is not available outside Age UK Northumberland - Head Office's catchment area.

Age UK Northumberland
The Round House
Lintonville Parkway
NE63 9JZ
United Kingdom

Professional support from qualified bereavement practitioners and therapists.

Coping with bereavement

When we experience the loss of someone we love or care about, the weight of grief can feel overwhelming.

Grief is very much an individual process, there is no set time limit and no right or wrong way to grieve. Each person responds differently to loss.

If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one, reaching out for support may help you to make sense of how you feel.

Our Bereavement Support service can provide assistance with:

Structured counselling via telephone, face-to-face, or video from a range of different therapeutic styles:

• Self-help information
• Emotional support groups
• Mindfulness sessions
• Practical advice and signposting

Contact us

If you would like to know more about the support available, please get in touch with our bereavement team on 01670 784 800 or send us an email to

Understanding grief

Whilst grieving is very much an individual response to loss, you may experience some commonly reported emotions such as:

• Sadness
• Guilt
• Relief
• Numb or disconnected

People can also experience physical symptoms such as:

• Sleep disturbance
• Nausea
• Changes in appetite
• Headaches
• Muscle tension

If you begin to feel concerned about the impact of any symptoms you have been experiencing you may find it helpful to speak to your GP.

Our bereavement team will listen to your concerns without judgement. We can help you to make an informed decision about what kind of support you would like to receive.