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Age UK Northumberland offers a free and confidential information and advice service for older people, their families and carers.

 Age UK Northumberland Information and Advice

Our Services:

Telephone Advice Service

Monday to Thursday
10am to 1pm

01670 784 821

We provide free confidential, impartial and independent advice for the over 50s, their families, carers and organisations working with them across a wide range of subjects.   

The telephone advice service is open Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm and can be accessed by calling: 01670 784 821

 Our advisers are trained to help you on the following topics:
  • Social care - such as finding a care home or getting some help at home, and how it's funded.
  • Your income - including free benefits checks, help with applying for benefits and pension advice.
  • Your home - information on staying warm at home, home adapatations and how to prevent falls.
  • Legal issues - such as wills, Power of Attorney, and how to deal with an estate.
  • Social activities - local leisure, health and educational activities

Our high quality team of trained peer volunteers, supervised by a manager and supported by an administrator deal with over 3000 enquiries every year.  They will listen to your enquiry and:

  •  Answer it themselves and advise you 
  •  Send you written information
  •  Refer you to one of our specialist teams of advisers and advocates 
  •  Refer or signpost you to other organisations for help (statutory and voluntary sector)

Welfare Rights Service

Monday to Thursday
9am until 4pm
01670 784821

Our Welfare Rights Service provides free confidential, impartial and independent advice to older people 50+ including:

  • Benefit checks
  • Form completion 
  • Appeals to Tribunal
  • Appeals to Upper Tribunal
  • Home Visits 

Our high quality specialist welfare rights team provides a full casework service.  In 2015-16 we helped older people in Northumberland secure £1.4 million in additional benefits and grants; carried out 404 benefit checks;  and opened 186 case files for clients. 

We see around 90% of our clients in their own homes - many are for Attendance Allowance form completion and for appeals for people who are unable to attend our office due to disability and/or difficulty travelling.  We advise on the full range of welfare benefits for 50+ and represent at Tribunal hearings and Upper Tribunal hearings. 

 How we help - A Case Study

Our team recently helped Janet, a 51 year old lady, apply for an increase to her disability benefit due to her deteriorating health.

 Janet was initially refused an increase by the DWP and we applied for a review on her behalf which was successful. Janet said:

 “I was so pleased with the help that Age UK Northumberland gave me. I was nervous about filling in the form - I didn’t want to exaggerate my condition but needed to tell them the problems I am having.  When they refused me at first I think if I had been dealing it with alone I would have just left it but I was encouraged to ask them to reconsider the decision and I’m glad I did.  I went to a higher rate giving me £30 per week extra money and from a time limited award to an indefinite award.

 If I didn’t have this money I’d be stuck in the house more. I visit my auntie every fortnight (she’s like a sister to me) on the bus which costs £7 and I could not afford that if I did not have this money. I also take taxis to do my shopping and to stay as independent as possible. I rely on my adult son quite a bit but I don’t like to and don’t like to impose on him. It means I can employ handymen to do little jobs around the house and not always ask my son.

 In the recent wet weather my front door was swollen and the council said it was not their responsibility so I used a handyman to sand the door. My mum lives near me and she’s been diagnosed with cancer – it means I can get a taxi to her house and go with her to the hospital and to the doctors.

Housing and Care Options Service

Monday to Friday

9am until 4pm
01670 784846

Our high quality specialist Housing and Care Options Service provides an information, advice, advocacy and support service for older people around housing and care options.  We offer a face to face casework service, one off telephone advices and presentations around the county to groups of older people and professionals.

Silverlinks Housing and Care Options Service

Monday to Friday

9AM until 4PM
01670 784846

 Our specially trained Silverlinks volunteers (who call themselves Slinkies) offer presentations, talks and pass it on training to local groups about housing and social care options.  They also provide one to one support to older people around housing and social care issues.

 How we help - A Case Study

We recently helped Dorothy, a 73 year old who was struggling to manage in a 3 bedroomed house due to her deteriorating health.

 She suffers with atrial fibrillation, arthritis and has had several falls. She had lost her confidence using the stairs and was sleeping downstairs in a chair or on the settee.

 She had been registered with Northumberland Homefinder for several years but none of her bids were successful as she was low priority in the Homefinder banding scheme.

 She contacted us and we advised her to widen her area of geographical choice and obtain medical evidence from her GP about her health problems and how they impacted on her housing needs.

 We submitted the new evidence on her behalf and her banding allocation was reviewed.  She bid for a bungalow and this time was top of the list and accepted the bungalow where she is now living happily and managing much better.  An extra bonus was that the bathroom had already been converted to a wet room which Dorothy finds much easier to use than her previous bath.

What Our Clients Say

"We received clear guidance on the issue we contacted you about and have been able to deal with it."

"I was very impressed with the person I spoke to, who I found very helpful, friendly and courteous."

"Information provided by your organisation was greatly appreciated and proved very helpful."

"I found the staff extremely helpful.  They were very nice and spoke in a clear and concise manner.  Many thanks."

"Each time I’ve contacted Age UK Northumberland I’ve found everyone most helpful."

"It is nice to know that when help or advice is needed, Age UK Northumberland is available.  Thank you."

You can access our information and advice service in a number of ways.

By phone: 01670 784 821

By email:

At our office: Book an appointment or drop-in to our office at The Round House, Ashington.

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