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We’re pleased to welcome five new trustees to our board

Published on 24 June 2024 01:20 PM

We are pleased to announce the appointment of five new trustees to our board. With an existing strong group of trustees, this flurry of additional talent and expertise will put us in an even stronger position to achieve our strategic goals.

Andrew Lane, Chair of Trustees, said “I am really pleased to welcome these five talented and passionate individuals to our trustee board. The diverse perspectives and wealth of both professional and lived experience that trustees bring to the charity in this role is transformational. With people living longer and the number of older people in Oxfordshire therefore projected to increase by 29% between 2021 and 2031, it’s fantastic to be in such a strong position thanks to the support of our trustees”.

Paul Ringer, CEO, said “Our trustees bring such dedication to our charity and the fact that they do this in a volunteer capacity is just tremendous. I’m so pleased to welcome these individuals to our board, who alongside the fantastic trustees we have already, will support and challenge us to make an even bigger difference for older people and unpaid carers in Oxfordshire.”

We welcome the following individuals to our board:


Andy Judt

Andy is Chief Operating Officer at economics consultancy, Oxera, and brings considerable experience in strategic planning, business transformation, change management and finance to the Age UK Oxfordshire Board. His career has focused on organisations that have a meaningful purpose and strong values, with a clear focus on building a diverse and inclusive culture.

Andy was previously a trustee for Age UK Enfield and has been involved in supporting other charities in a number of ways including providing business support and taking part in fundraising challenges. He is motivated to support Age UK Oxfordshire as he sees both the significant and huge opportunities to support older people in society. He has experience in supporting older relatives, as well as older people in his local community.


Darren Evans

As CEO of a tech-firm and Chairman and Trustee of local charity, Cholsey Volunteers, Darren brings a strong mix of business and non-profit experience to the Age UK Oxfordshire Board. He has expertise in innovation, people and project management and marketing, and has a collaborative approach to problem-solving.   He is committed to transparency, accountability and inclusivity and has a robust understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing charities. He is drawn to Age UK Oxfordshire’s commitment to improving the lives of older adults in the community and has lived experience of the organisation supporting his parents and neighbours.


Jane Marriott

Jane is an academic lawyer and brings relevant legal knowledge to the Age UK Oxfordshire Board. She has strong research interests in the prevention of elder abuse and the protection of the human rights and achievement of equality for older people. Jane is experienced in leadership (of both people and projects), and both enjoys and values collaboration and teamwork as a means of achieving goals.

She is motivated to have practical and strategic input into supporting people in living well in later life, having witnessed the experiences of close friends and relatives as they attempted to navigate their own later lives. She is passionate about being part of an organisation that places older people at the centre of its mission, and which values the retention of their independence but also recognises the need for support.


Rachel Robson

Rachel is the Owner and Director of an HR consultancy and has a steadfast commitment to inclusivity and belonging. She has relevant experience in HR, Reward, pensions, and the development and implementation of robust governance frameworks. She brings commitment and empathy as well as lived experience to the Age UK Oxfordshire Board, having come up against the challenges that can be faced with social care and the healthcare system having cared for her mother over recent years.


Tom Childs

Tom brings trustee experience, having held a trustee position at an Oxfordshire-based international NGO for eleven years. He is an experienced fundraiser, who has worked successfully in both the higher education and charity sectors for over twenty years. He offers significant expertise in fundraising strategy and communications to the Age UK Oxfordshire Board, along with experience of charity law and senior leadership.

Over recent years he has had to take on increased responsibilities for ageing parents and has seen first-hand the challenges that older people face. He connects with the charity’s ambitions on a personal level and is committed to supporting the charity to make a difference for older people.



You can read more about the Age UK Oxfordshire Board of Trustees here -