Head Office

Suite 301, 3rd Floor, Parkway House
Sheen Lane
East Sheen
London  SW14 8LS

Tel: 020 8878 3625

Fax: 020 8876 5387
Email: info@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Management & Administration
020 8878 3625

Aiden Buckley
Chief Executive Officer
Email: aiden.buckley@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Gavin Shand
Operations Manager

Sandra Morrison
Fundraising Manager
Email: sandra.morrison@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Penny Grant
Office Administrator
Email: penny.grant@ageukrichmond.org.uk

David Baggs
Finance Manager
Email: david.baggs@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Jackie Marie
Volunteer Co-ordinator
Email: jackie.marie@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Stephanie Mackenzie
Marketing Co-ordinator
Email: stephanie.mackenzie@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Receptionist / Admin support
Email: parkwayadmin@ageukrichmond.org.uk


First Contact Telephone HelplineHelpline staff taking a call
Tel: 020 8878 3073

Toni Symonds
First Contact Information Officer
Email: toni.symonds@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Lady counting moneyInformation & Advice and Welfare Benefits Advice
Tel: 020 8878 3546

Email: welfarebenefits@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Vera Barnes-Wells
Information & Advice Team Leader
Email: vera.barnes-wells@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Chris Cheney
Visitor Officer

Email: chris.cheney@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Bridget Johnson
Information & Advice Worker

Email: bridget.johnson@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Home Services
Tel: 020 3326 9432

Email: homeservices@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Regine Wong
Handyperson Service Co-ordinator
Email: regine.wong@ageukrichmond.org.uk
Daniel Jenkins
Email: daniel.jenkins@ageukrichmond.org.uk


Housekeeping Service
Tel: 020 8878 3569

Email: housekeepingservice@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Liz Matthewson
Housekeeping Service Co-ordinator
Email: liz.matthewson@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Charlotte Mascarenhas
Housekeeping Service Co-ordinator


Community Services
Tel: 020 8744 1965 / Mobile: 07986 330742

Email: communityservices@ageukrichmond.org.uk  

Susan Hollins
Community Services Team Leader
Email: susan.hollins@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Gill Wilson
Community Services IT Project Lead
Email: gill.wilson@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Carol Horne
Community Services Assistant (Outings)
Email: carol.horne@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Nightingale Service
Tel: 020 8876 2449 / Mobile 07873 888544

Email: nightingale@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Helen Monteiro

Nightingtale Service Manager

Email: helen.monteiro@ageukrichmond.org.uk

Rita Cowperthwaite
Nightingale Service Personal Independence Coordinator
Email: rita.cowperthwaite@ageukrichmond.org.uk


Twickenham Wellbeing Centre
Arragon Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3NHMeadows Hall Social Centre
Tel: 020 8538 9254

Janet Thompson
Twickenham Wellbeing Centre Manager
Email: janet.thompson@ageukrichmond.org.uk


Barnes Green Centre
The Green, Church Road, Barnes, London  SW13 9HE
Tel: 020 8876 2377

Janet Eaton
Barnes Green Centre Manager


Whitton Social Centrewhitton bowls
111A Kneller Road, Whitton, Middlesex  TW2 7DT
Tel: 020 8894 4963

Surinder Kaur
Whitton Social Centre Manager
Email: surinder.kaur@ageukrichmond.org.uk