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Head Office

The White House Community Centre
45 The Avenue
TW12 3RN
Tel: 020 8878 3625

Gavin Shand
Chief Executive Officer

David Baggs
Finance Manager

Aydee Burke
Communications & Community Fundraising Manager

Natalee White
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator

Information & Advice
Tel: 020 8878 3073

Rohit Dara
Information & Advice Manager

Kam Aulakh
Welfare Benefits Advisor

Lucy Smith
Information & Advice Advisor

Azadeh Shaabani-Mahmood
Benefits & Advice Advisor


Dementia Friendly Richmond

Marie-Therese Keegan
Dementia Friendly Richmond Coordinator


Mental Health Peer Support Service
Tel: 020 8878 3625

Mia Haskurti
Senior Mental Health Peer Support Worker

Kirsty Goodman
Mental Health Peer Support Worker


Wellbeing Services
Tel: 020 8744 1965

Carol Horne
Wellbeing Services Manager

Marie-Therese Keegan
Wellbeing Services & Dementia Friendly Richmond Coordinator

Ebru Ozsavasci
Wellbeing Services Coordinator

Shyama Newton
Wellbeing Services Administrator


Twickenham Wellbeing Centre
Arragon Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3NH
Tel: 020 8538 9254
Jayne Fanning
Twickenham Wellbeing Centre Manager

Barnes Green Centre
The Green, Church Road, Barnes, London SW13 9HE
Tel: 020 8876 2377
Janet Eaton
Barnes Green Centre Manager

Whitton Social Centre
111A Kneller Road, Whitton, Middlesex TW2 7DT
Tel: 020 8894 4963
Surinder Kaur
Whitton Social Centre Manager


Home Services

Handyperson & Gardening Service
Tel: 020 3326 9432

Housekeeping Service
Tel: 020 8878 3569

Laura Kirby
Home Services Manager

Penny Grant
Home Services & Recruitment Coordinator

Nathalie Hasted
Home Services Coordinator

Nightingale Service
Tel: 020 8876 2449

Helen Monteiro
Nightingtale Service Manager

Rita Cowperthwaite
Personal Independence Coordinator

Ruta Staneviciute
Hospital Discharge Coordinator

Catherine Goodchild
Hospital Discharge Coordinator

Tanya Keelty
Hospital Discharge Administrator

Petra Schreur
Hospital Discharge Coordinator