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Head Office

The White House Community Centre
45 The Avenue
TW12 3RN
Tel: 020 8878 3625

Gavin Shand
Chief Executive Officer

David Baggs
Finance Manager

Aydee Burke
Head of Communications & Community Fundraising

Natalee White
Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator

Information & Advice
Tel: 020 8878 3073

Rohit Dara
Information & Advice Manager

Kam Aulakh
Welfare Benefits Advisor

Lucy Smith
Information & Advice Advisor


Dementia Friendly Richmond

Marie-Therese Keegan
Dementia Friendly Richmond Coordinator


Mental Health Peer Support Service
Tel: 020 8878 3625

Sarah Bish
Senior Mental Health Peer Support Worker

Mia Haskurti
Mental Health Peer Support Worker

Wellbeing Services
Tel: 020 8744 1965

Carol Horne
Wellbeing Services Manager

Marie-Therese Keegan
Wellbeing Services & Dementia Friendly Richmond Coordinator

Ebru Ozsavasci
Wellbeing Services Coordinator


Twickenham Wellbeing Centre
Arragon Road, Twickenham, Middlesex TW1 3NH
Tel: 020 8538 9254
Jayne Fanning
Twickenham Wellbeing Centre Manager

Barnes Green Centre
The Green, Church Road, Barnes, London SW13 9HE
Tel: 020 8876 2377
Janet Eaton
Barnes Green Centre Manager

Whitton Social Centre
111A Kneller Road, Whitton, Middlesex TW2 7DT
Tel: 020 8894 4963
Surinder Kaur
Whitton Social Centre Manager


Home Services

Handyperson & Gardening Service
Tel: 020 3326 9432

Housekeeping Service
Tel: 020 8878 3569

Laura Kirby
Home Services Manager

Penny Grant
Home Services & Recruitment Coordinator

Nathalie Hasted
Home Services Coordinator

Nightingale Service
Tel: 020 8876 2449

Helen Monteiro
Nightingtale Service Manager

Rita Cowperthwaite
Personal Independence Coordinator

Ruta Staneviciute
Hospital Discharge Coordinator

Tanya Keelty
Hospital Discharge Administrator

Petra Schreur
Hospital Discharge Coordinator