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Scam Alert (Oct '20)


Published on 16 October 2020 03:12 PM

Please read and share:
Age UK Birmingham and Age UK Sandwell will not, at any time, ask to take your debit or credit card from you on your doorstep. Any card payments will be taken over the phone for services such as shopping. We will also be observing the social distancing regulations during this difficult period.
Also please note that we do not award "energy grants" though our Information and Advice Team can help you find such assistance. We will NEVER take your bank card details to deposit money into your account.
There have been reports of an attempt to steal credit or debit cards from older people in need of assistance by a man posing as someone from "Age Concern" and/or "Age UK" and quoting our telephone number of 0121 437 0033.
Please DO NOT hand over any payment card to anyone saying they are from any Age UK or Age Concern. Please do not give your card details out over the telephone unless it is something that has been prearranged.  Please do check visitors physical or digital ID card and if in any doubt, close your door leaving them outside, lock it and telephone us on either 0121 437 0033 or 0121 437 0479 to check. Similarly if someone phones saying they are from Age UK asking for bank or card details, and you are in any doubt, please politely end the conversation and ring us to check on the above numbers.
If you have given out your card details to anyone over the phone or in person, please contact your bank immediately and also inform Action Fraud and West Midlands Police.
We can always add a password to your record at Age UK Birmingham and Age UK Sandwell to verify it's us calling you if you'd like to nominate one.