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Policy statement

Age UK Southampton (AUKS) fundraises to help deliver its charitable purposes. It recognises that the age demographic and circumstances of many of its donors overlap with that of our service users and beneficiaries. The importance of raising funds therefore needs to be consistent with our charitable objectives: to provide services and support to Southampton’s older people and promote positive ageing and independence by supporting active and healthy lifestyles.

Commitment to supporters 

AUKS will actively seek opportunities to work together with organisations and individuals to achieve shared objectives. At the same time, we will ensure we maintain our independence and not allow any external partnership to bring the name of AUKS into disrepute. 

AUKS will provide its supporters with clear, truthful information on our work; to openly report how we spend donated and statutory monies and to manage donors' information responsibly. 

We will comply with the Charity Commission and UK law in every respect, including those regarding openness and honesty with our supporters and members of the public. 

We will abide by the Fundraising Regulator’s ‘Fundraising Promise’, which helps to ensure that organisations raising money for charity from the public do so honestly and properly. 

In recognising some of our supporters may be in a vulnerable circumstance we will apply four key principles to underpin our approach;

Respect - Being mindful of and sensitive to any particular need that a donor may have as well as striving to respect their wishes and preferences

Fairness - Not discriminating against any group or individual

Responsiveness - adapting our approach (eg tone, language) to suit the needs and requirements of the donor

Accountable - Ensuring all fundraising is carried out in line with the Fundraising Code of Practice and the advice on fundraising with vulnerable people. 

We will respect the privacy and contact preferences of all donors. We will respond promptly to requests to cease contacts or complaints and act as best we can to address their causes. 

We will empower and encourage staff to be mindful of, and sensitive to, donors needs and to develop appropriates responses to all reasonable foreseeable needs, including situations of vulnerability.


Corporate Supporters 

AUKS welcome the support of businesses in Southampton providing expertise, benefits in kind as well as raising money for our cause. We are committed to ethical fundraising and will not recommend or endorse products, services or companies, and will not provide details of clients as this could compromise our values of impartiality and confidentiality underpinning information and advice given to local people. 

However, if individuals or companies understand that there can be no direct endorsement, AUKS will encourage, enable and accept financial support from, and partnership working with, companies and individuals based on the following conditions: 

  • Any Partnership entered into are to be in the best interest of the Charity
  • There are strong grounds for believing a partnership will result in a benefit to the wellbeing of Southampton’s older citizens
  • The Chief Officer (CO) and Trustees feel satisfied that the partnership is positive, and that no adverse publicity will result from accepting such support 
  • There is no attempt on the part of the individual or company to influence AUKS policies or actions either explicitly or implicitly 
  • That initiatives do not compromise the independent status of AUKS or compromise Brand Partnership, its relationship with Age UK or Age UK Enterprises (Age Co)
  • An assessment is made by the relevant officer (Fundraising Officer) and signed off by the CO based on service/product benefit, how a product/service/company reflects our values, as well as risks attached. Partnership proposals (this does not include grant applications) that are over £10,000 will need to be signed off by the Board of Trustees


Use of donations

If supporters wish to donate to a specific area of AUKS’s work, they can make a restricted donation by providing written instructions to this effect with their donation. We will always respect this.


Acceptance and Refusal Criteria 

When deciding whether to work in partnership and/or accept a donation, the CO and Trustees have a duty to demonstrate to the Charity Commission that they have acted in the best interest of the charity, that a donation would not conflict with the interests of local older people, and that association with a donor does not compromise AUKS’s values or ethical position, harm our reputation or put future funding at risk.


AUKS complies with all relevant legislation including money laundering rules, the Bribery Act and Charity Commission guidance, including terrorism and political activity. 


AUKS therefore would not accept any of the following where the donation: 

- Was known to be associated with criminal sources 

- Would help further a donor’s personal objectives, which conflict with those of AUKS

- Would lead to a possible decline in support for AUKS, and so risk a fall in the resources available to fund our work 

- Would otherwise significantly damage our reputation 

The responsibility of the judgement on whether AUKS should refuse a donation lays first with the Fundraising Officer in conjunction with the CO and Trustees. 



AUKS will undertake to communicate this policy to all its stakeholders.


Fundraising Complaints 

To address any concerns about fundraising undertaken by or in the name of AUKS should refer to the fundraising complaints procedure here



The Fundraising Promise

This promise outlines the commitment made to donors and the public by fundraising organisations which register with the Fundraising Regulator. Those who register with the regulator agree to ensure their fundraising is legal, open, honest and respectful. The standards for fundraising are set out in the Code of Fundraising Practice.


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