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Nutrition and Hydration Newsletter

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Nutrition & Hydration Programme

1 in 10 older people don’t eat and drink enough to maintain a healthy weight. This has a big impact on their well-being & independence and means they are more reliant on health and social care services. The Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration programme is a 2-year pilot, which aims to make sure that older people (65+) are eating and drinking well enough to remain healthy and independent for longer. 

The programme raises awareness of undernutrition within the community and offers training to staff in health, social care and community settings. It utilises paperweight armbands to identify people who are at risk of undernutrition and promotes a food-first approach FREE TRAINING is now available for staff and volunteers in health, social care and community settings. 

For more information contact Siobhan McKenna (GM Nutrition and Hydration Programme Manager – Stockport area) on: