We can help support and stimulate people living with dementia

The Age UK Berkshire service provides ongoing one-to-one support for people with memory loss or living with dementia, and can give some respite to carers.

Currently focused on West Berkshire and Reading, we may be able to offer this service in other parts of Berkshire by request.Support for people living with dementia

This service is completely user-led, individually planned and implemented according to the service user's specific needs. Although we work closely with family and carers, the focus is always on the person living with dementia and what they want to do.

Our specially-trained support workers offer one-to-one work with people living with dementia in their own homes or elsewhere according to their needs, interests and ability, providing support, stimulation and continuity.

This service costs £20 per hour and can be paid for by families, carers and friends, as well as by using Personal Budgets / Direct Payments from Adult Social Care, where these have been made available (and to discuss how to obtain a Personal Budget, why not contact Age UK Berkshire's Information & Advice service?).

Focusing on the person’s needs

A wide range of activities are designed to assess a person’s ability to engage with their support worker. A suitable programme of stimulating activities is then developed and gradually introduced.

These activities may vary according to the person’s level of interest, attention span and ability to participate, and may include:

  • reminiscing
  • flower arranging
  • cookery
  • gardening
  • puzzles & board games
  • collages and other art work
  • music and singing
  • trips to place of interest depending on the service user's mobility

Benefits to the person living with dementia

Our service helps those living with dementia in a number of ways, by offering

  • one-to-one support
  • stimulating activities
  • individual attention
  • friendship

The service complements those offered by other voluntary organisations rather than replaces those, and works closely and alongside NHS and other health and social care services.

For more information about the service without obligation, please contact our Dementia Support team.

Contact Age UK Berkshire on 0118 959 4242 or info@ageukberkshire.org.uk