We can help you, or your family member, if you're lonely or isolated

Age UK Berkshire strongly believes that No One Should Have No One

Unfortunately, our belief that isolated and lonely older people need regular contact and support is often not backed up by our ability or finances to provide that support; for the time being, we only provide support in Reading and West Berkshire.

With more funding or donations, we could increase what we do. If you or people you know are able to donate a small sum towards our No One Should Have No One campaign, you can Text AUKB02 £3 to 70070 or you can donate via our donations page

At the moment (February 2017) we only provide Befriending and Home Visiting services in the Reading and West Berkshire areas. If you need a similar home visiting support in other parts of Berkshire, although we don't provide any Age UK Berkshire Befriending service, we may know another local group or charity that does: please enquire to our Information & Advice service.

What can you provide in Reading and West Berkshire?

  • We provide a free home-visiting support service in all parts of Reading and West Berkshire areas (if you're an older people and you pay your Council Tax to Reading or West Berkshire, you're eligible)Age UK Berkshire's Befriending service
  • We recruit volunteers from all walks of life, with a range of ages and interests
  • We check all potential volunteers with the Disclosure and Barring Service, so that we and you are assured about their suitability as a Befriending volunteer
  • Our Befriending Coordinator visits you, or the person being befriended, to find out more about interests, needs and your expectations of our service
  • We match carefully selected volunteers to those needs and interests as much as possible
  • Our Coordinator visits you again to introduce the carefully-matched volunteer
  • We help you and the potential visiting volunteer determine the frequency of regular visits, which can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • We hope it will be a medium to long-term relationship that may last for many months or years
  • And because it's long-term, it may take at least a month to match the right volunteer with you, or the person being visited: we want to get it right!
  • We ask the volunteer to regularly let Age UK Berkshire know how you are; we keep that information very secure and do not share it outside of Age UK Berkshire
  • Your regular volunteer will be able to let you know about any other Age UK Berkshire service or product, and about Age UK products and services, but only if you want to know

Who is suitable for the service?

  • If you are aged over 60 and living alone in Reading or West Berkshire
  • We will also consider requests to support people between 50 and 60 if your circumstances could make you socially-isolated, or we could refer you to our Getting Out & About service if you wanted
  • You may have family members but they're living distantly from you
  • You may have friends but you don't see them very often
  • You may have little other social contact
  • You may also find it more difficult to get out of your home on a regular basis

Can I become a volunteer Befriender?

  • Oh yes
  • If you feel you are a caring person, have some free time and would like to make a difference to an older person's life, please consider becoming a Befriending volunteer.
  • Find out more about volunteering

We can also provide a telephone befriending service which covers all of Berkshire.

For more information about home visiting befriending or telephone befriending, please contact Age UK Berkshire 0118 959 4242 or info@ageukberkshire.org.uk