Consider leaving a gift in your will to Age UK Berkshire: without you, we may not always be here

How do we survive as an organisation? By some small contributions from local councils and the NHS, but mostly by donations and from people leaving us a gift in their will.

Many older people in Berkshire feel lonely and isolated. They are forgotten and left to cope alone.Consider leaving a gift to Age UK Berkshire in your will

Thankfully, Age UK Berkshire and our support network is here to help people in later life with their individual, everyday needs.

Whether that’s giving one person the opportunity to make friends so they are no longer isolated, securing another’s home so they feel safe at night, ensuring that another can access the benefits to which they are entitled to or by making sure that a local older person can keep in touch with grandchildren abroad.

By helping them get over these day-to-day obstacles which can stop them living their lives, they can grow older with dignity and respect.

Download our leaflet "Why legacies are important" explaining why legacies can help older people with whom we work.

If you need help with planning your Will, download our leaflet for you to use with your solicitor, making sure you've thought of everything.

And if you need to make simple changes to your Will, download our Codicil leaflet to help you.

Leaving a gift in your will is a way to ensure we can keep making life better for older people: without you, we may not always be here.

For more information about how to leave us a gift in your will, download the Guides or contact:

Age UK Berkshire
Huntley House
119 London Street

0118 959 4242

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