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Matching you to the right volunteering opportunity takes a little time.

Please read all about how we recruit volunteers and why it may take a little time to find the appropriate match for you.


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Our services rely on volunteers who give time to help older people in many ways.

Just as some jobs are best done by paid employees, some tasks and roles in our charity are much better done by volunteers. We therefore reserve certain positions for volunteers.

Our volunteers carry out very valuable work in helping older people carry on with their lives with independence, choice and dignity.

Matching you to the right volunteering opportunity takes a little time

Because of the number of enthusiastic potential volunteers who contact Age UK Berkshire, sometimes it takes a while for us to respond to you. Please allow at least two weeks before you re-contact us, preferably by email vol@ageukberkshire.org.uk

It is unlikely that you will be able to start volunteering with Age UK Berkshire in less than four weeks from applying and telling us you are interested, especially if you are looking to volunteer as a Befriender.

This is because we need two returned references for all volunteers, as well as a completed DBS check if you are volunteering in an older person’s home. DBS checks may even take longer than four weeks.

We require a completed Application Form (online) or you can download the Volunteer Offer of Service form (Word version).

Obviously, we also need time to find a good match with your interests, close to where you live if you want to be a Befriender or similar volunteer in an older person's home. We also expect a reasonably long-term commitment from you – at least 12 months – to establish and grow the friendship with the older person.

Of course, there are exceptions to this: if you volunteer to help with our administration, finances or other tasks in the office, once we have references returned you may be able to start straight away. Similarly, if you can only give us a few months of your time, we may occasionally have specific projects that need quick and specialist expertise. However, these opportunities are unlikely to mean you are volunteering face-to-face with older people.

Age UK Berkshire struggles with finding opportunities for groups of volunteers, as we don’t run day centres or lunch clubs, although we know organisations that do.
If your company wants to help older people, we’d really welcome a discussion: maybe you can raise much-needed funds for us, or Age UK Berkshire become your Charity of the Year.

All volunteers are offered induction, support and training for every part of your voluntary work with us. Volunteers are fully insured when you're undertaking your voluntary roles for Age UK Berkshire.

We believe that volunteers give a different range of skills and abilities than we can offer with our paid employees. We do not substitute volunteers for employees, because we believe that what volunteers can offer is complementary to our paid-for work. In particular, our volunteers give older people in Berkshire vast amounts of time and patience, experience and knowledge, and we thank all of our volunteers for 'adding value' in these ways.

How many hours you would like to offer and what type of volunteering you undertake is largely up to you; we’re very happy to discuss this with you, for you to use your existing experiences or gain new ones.

Note that we are unable to accept volunteers under the age of 18 for insurance reasons. However, young people can volunteer to raise funds for us.

Please complete our online Offer of Service, or download, complete and return our Offer of Service (Word) document.
If you'd like more details of what volunteering might mean for you and what it means for us, please contact Age UK Berkshire:

0118 959 4242 vol@ageukberkshire.org.uk 

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