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A big thank you to Tesco’s Bags of Help

Published on 30 November 2018 11:07 AM

Tesco’s Bags of Help Fund has raised £2,530 toward the charity’s Later Lifers Fitness project. The project is part our Befriending Café’s and Dementia support pathway. The charity would like to thank both Tesco’s, its customers and our supporters for nominating us as their preferred charity, helping us top the poll and obtaining the full sum we requested.

Evidence from Public Health England emphasises the importance of good cardio vascular activity as a central determinant in maintaining good cognitive health in later life. The charity believes that a targeted approach with the right support in place will encourage more people to stay fitter and healthier as they get older.  Changes to the way the charity is organising its community based service will increase the availability of age appropriate fitness and activity services for its users over the next year. This investment will go a considerable way to ensuring we can widen its availability, particularly to those using our dementia services.

For those interested in getting involved either as a volunteer or as a participant get in touch via our information service.