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Co-operative grants Bexley Men in Sheds investment and support

Published on 30 November 2018 10:54 AM

Bexley’s Co – operative Local Community Fund showed its support for the charity’s Men in Sheds service based in Erith this week. As a result of Cooperative members and supporters of the charity efforts a total of £3,616 was raised to pay for the sheds purchase of tools and wood.

The shed is a critical part of the charity’s work with men who are a risk of social isolation and loneliness. Men living in Erith and Belvedere are according to Age UK estimates more likely to suffer a reduction in their emotional and mental wellbeing as a result of living alone. The shed has for the last 5 years provided a vital source of friendship, camaraderie and social purpose for those involved in its work. Not only does it provide a venue for meeting up, but as a machine workshop it produces a range of garden and domestic furniture, resources to support local ecology, and aids and adaptations for people homes across the borough.

The shed, with additional investment of £100,000 from City Bridge Trust will continue to develop its services and outreach support over the next three years to increase the number potentially benefiting from it activities.

Should you be interested in finding out more about the shed and its work, please contact our information service, or fill in the referral form on the service page.