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We offer a range of physical activities to help people remain physically, mentally and socially active

View our available classes below.

What are the benefits?

Studies have shown that exercise has many benefits, these include:

  • helping to maintain the ability to live independently
  • reducing the risk of falling and fracturing bones
  • reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, colon cancer and diabetes
  • can help in reducing blood pressure
  • helping people with chronic conditions
  • releasing natural endorphins which make you feel happier
  • reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression whilst lifting mood and feelings of well-being
  • helping maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints
  • helping control joint swellings and pain associated with athritus

Who can attend?

Our classes are for people aged 50+ and are designed to be suitable for all levels of fitness and mobility. 

How can I attend?

Some of our classes have few spaces available, so please contact us.

Who can I contact for more information?

Contact our Community Services team on:
Telephone: 01204 701525
or email: