Our Advocacy service has an advocate who will listen to your problems and see if we can help you.

What is Advocacy?

  • Advocacy is about your voice being heard.
  • Advocates support you to speak up, or they might speak up on your behalf if needed.

When can an advocate help?

  • When you aren't being listened to.
  • When you want to change things in your life.

What will your advocate do?

LISTEN to what you want. And work with you  to:

  • Get your voice heard
  • Understand your rights
  • Explore your options
  • Make your own choices

We won't tell anyone else what you have said to us unless:

  • You want us to
  • It involves danger to you or to other people
  • The law says we need to

Advocacy problems we will try to help you with include:

  • A dispute with your utility bills
  • If you are worried about a letter you’ve received
  • If you are worried about your landlord’s behaviour
  • If you want to complain about the service you’ve received from a health service, organisation or individual.

If you have a problem with a housing association or your benefits, you might be better off speaking to one of our advisers.

To make an appointment with our advocate or our advisers, please contact us using the details below. If you are leaving a message, please leave your name and number and whether you would like to speak to an adviser or an advocate.

Phone: 020 8965 7711 or email reply@ageukbrent.org.uk

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