The befriending service is a social service for isolated and lonely older people. Volunteers call or visit their friends on a regular basis for a chat and catch up.

There is a huge problem with loneliness and isolation in the borough of BefrienderBrent and befriending makes a huge difference. Befriending is a social role, offering general support, and spending time listening to the older person, possibly going for a walk or a tea/coffee and chat.

Due to the pressure of demand for this service we are currently restricting new referrals to clients aged 75 years and older who have difficulty leaving the house without assistance.

We offer training, support, expenses and social events for our volunteers. We are looking for volunteers who are patient, reliable and sensitive to the needs of older people from a diverse community.

Most of our befrienders get in contact with the friends once or twice a week, but this could be with a phone call.

The time commitment from our volunteers can be quite small but it’s very meaningful for the friends of the service.

If you interested in volunteering for this service or if you want to refer someone to us who is need of company, please contact us.

Quotes from some of the friends of the service

'I am very happy. 20 out of twenty. Buy [the befriender] an award – make sure that you do!' G

'Yes – [befriender] is a very lovely person. She’s always happy and really takes the boredom away' P

'It’s very hard now when I can’t get out very much .. and when you know that you’re not safe. It’s nice to be able to talk now and again. It’s good work what you do.' I

The Scheme now has "Approved Provider Standard" from the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation demonstrating that we work to agreed national standards. ( October 2012)

For more details about the standard or the Mentoring & Befriending Foundation visit

Approved Provider Standard. Mentoring & Befreinding Foundation