Home Safety

How to stay safe in your home, including advice on avoiding scams and preparing for floods.

  • Scams

    Find out how to protect yourself against doorstep scams, nuisance calls, and scams through the post.
  • Handyperson services

    Our handypeople can give you extra help with small, practical jobs around your home.
  • Gas and fire safety

    How to make sure your gas appliances at home are safe and protect yourself from carbon monoxide poisoning and fire.
  • Security at home

    Two-thirds of burglars gain entry through a door and one third get in through a window. Fitting your doors and windows with good locks can go a long way to deterring them.
  • How to prepare for flooding

    The Environment Agency explains how you can find out if you're in a high-risk area and what preparation you can do to keep yourself, your home and your valuables safe.