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Calderdale 50+ Forum

The Forum supports and represents people aged 50 and over in Calderdale. The Forum engages and empowers people, and promotes a collective voice on issues that matter to them.


The Forum is an independent and non–party political organisation in its own right, run by older people, for older people.


If you would like to be involved, or would like more information, please:

Call on 07870 434 492 

Visit their website

Email on


Kirklees Older People's Forum (KOP)

KOP is a voice for older people across Kirklees, founded in 2001. It works in partnership with key agencies to guide and support older people, and to create a positive image in the community by empowering people to achieve a strong voice and influence decision making in Kirklees.


For more information:





Huddersfield Over Fifties Forum (HoFF)

We are an independent, voluntary, social and campaigning organisation and meet on the third Thursday of each month in the Old Court Room in Huddersfield Town Hall from 1.00 to 3.00pm. New members aged 50+ plus are all very welcome.

We have a keen interest in all the issues that affect our members both nationally and in our local community. We campaign for ‘Fair Pensions for All’, improved NHS and Social Care services, against social isolation and for a fairer less divided society.

We regularly welcome guest speakers and receive reports from our representatives on Kirklees consultative bodies and Kirklees Healthwatch.

Entrance to meetings costs £2.00 - Refreshments and a Raffle are provided at each meeting.


For more information, contact Kirklees Older Peoples' Network as above.


Age UK Campaigns

Age UK campaigns on the things that matter to us all as we get older.


 Find out more about Age UK Campaigns

Campaign to End Loneliness

Loneliness is as harmful to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and has a destructive impact on our quality of Campaign to end loneliness logolife. The Campaign to End Loneliness helps local organisations tackle loneliness by providing the latest information and research, sharing good practice and campiagning for change. Read on for more information from them:




We are pleased to announce that the Campaign to End Loneliness now has over 1000 supporters across the UK!  It’s fantastic to see that so many organisations and individuals across the country share our ambition to make sure loneliness is effectively tackled across our communities.  If you haven’t signed up as a supporter, this means you’re missing out on:

·         Early bird offers for our events

·         The latest, expert information about loneliness from worldwide researchers

·         The chance to have your activity or service championed to others in our case studies

·         Interacting with the other 1000 supporters about your and their work

We encourage all our supporters to campaign with us and this month, we remind you to check whether your health and wellbeing board is addressing loneliness and suggest that you write to your MP to ask them to raise the issue on your behalf with your board.

Campaign with Us

Does your MP know what needs to be done to address loneliness in your constituency?  If you live in one of the 67 health and wellbeing board areas that has decided not to prioritise loneliness in their Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy, take 5 minutes to write to your MP and ask them to raise your concerns with your local board.  You will find a template letter to your MP on our Loneliness Harms Health page.  To find out whether your local area is prioritising loneliness, click here

If you live in an area where loneliness has been prioritised, use the template letter on our campaign page to write to your MP to ensure they’re aware their local health decision makers are taking action.

Start a local Loneliness Harms Health campaign: In June, we highlighted some great campaigns in Loneliness Harms Health: 1 year on.  If you are inspired by their success, or are frustrated that your board hasn’t taken action, visit our website and download the Action Pack.  This contains advice and guidance for getting your own campaign started, as well as templates if you want to write a letter to your board, councillors or MP.  Get in touch with Marianne Symons, if you have any questions.

Other Campaign news

The Campaign has over 1000 supporters!  The larger our network, the stronger our collective voice becomes. Our supporters are key to helping us make the argument to those in government; to ensure they understand the importance of recognising the health implications of loneliness and of finding ways to tackle it together.  We would like to thank everyone who has already become a part of this network. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you do it now by clicking here.

Keep up to date with our latest blogs: Do you care about the link between mental health and loneliness, or loneliness and technology? When these topics hit the news, we summarised the latest research in blogs on loneliness and depression and the influence of social media on our social lives.