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Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week

Published on 10 July 2020 05:48 PM

Happy Volunteer Week and a very BIG thank you for all your help and commitment to our charity and older people in our community.

  • "I really enjoyed volunteering with Age UK Ealing. Please continue the amazing work that you do as a charity and as a team. It was pleasure to interact with everyone and witness the hard work you all do." Fardowsa


  • "I've loved every minute of volunteering at Age UK Ealing, and perhaps it's something I can come back to in the future." Melissa


  • "As a volunteer I sincerely hope that I make a small but useful contribution to the work of Age UK Ealing.  In return I really enjoy and value the camaraderie of being part of a great team." Anonymous


  • "From the start I felt very much part of Age UK Ealing team. I enjoy my weekly telephone calls to clients, catching up on their news and listening to their worries. If a client is feeling a bit down I try to cheer them up. I think they look forward to my call." Mary


  • "As a yoga teacher, I enjoyed contributing to the wellbeing and happiness of the people who attended the Greenford community centre . I taught a Chair Yoga Class at the Centre every fortnight for the last three years.  I felt rewarded when I saw  how much everyone enjoyed the class. I would very much recommend volunteering with Age UK Ealing, they are very supportive and encouraging." Mehran


  • "I enjoy volunteering at Age UK Ealing. I like helping and talking with the clients at the Day Centre and the staff and volunteers are very helpful." Winnie


  • "I’ve been a Befriender with Age UK Ealing for four years and absolutely love the weekly telephone calls to my Friends.  As well as having a chat and a laugh, I get to hear some remarkable stories and life experiences.  I’m also there to listen if anyone is going through a tough time, because it’s good to share the burden with a sympathetic ear. I find volunteering for Age UK extremely rewarding and would recommend it to anyone with an interest in improving the lives of older people." Victoria


  • "I enjoy volunteering because I like to help and talk to vulnerable people, taking them out for short walks etc. Age UK Ealing have been very  supportive to me as a volunteer and as a charity for older people." Barbara


  • "I enjoy volunteering because I like giving to people and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping." Fred


  • "I volunteered for Age UK Ealing about 4-5 years ago because I wanted to give something back because I felt I had been blessed in many ways in my life. However, what I did not bargain for was I have been the receiver as much as the giver.   I have learned and gained so much pleasure from these people that are in the main alone now in the world.  God willing we will continue to benefit each other for a long time to come. Blessings." Joy


  • "What I like and enjoy about volunteering for the elderly is knowing the vast difference you can make in a  person’s life, it’s about giving back to the community and also gives you a feeling of self-worth, it’s a two way street so to speak, you give your time and the rewards are both volunteer and client are building trust and good communication. I have seen elderly people lift out of depression through on going volunteering, I look forward to growing within Age UK Ealing and continuing to make a difference to elderly peoples’ lives in a positive way." Maxine