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Enfield Wellbeing Network

Volunteer Buddy

Purpose of Role:

To offer a time limited connection with an allocated person/or persons to encourage and motivate
them to participate in community activities, exercise, and workshops. With an aim to encourage a
person to independently continue to access and improve health & wellbeing measured through their
support plan.
Commitment: up to maximum of 12 weeks with an allocated person
Time Commitment – half a day per week.
Role description:
• A Buddy works with members of the community that have contacted Enfield Wellbeing
Network and have been assessed by Health & Wellbeing Worker.
• This includes improving their health & wellbeing by accessing exercise groups, walking to
improve health, attending health & wellbeing events, re-establishing hobbies, or trying new
• Health & Wellbeing Worker will introduce the Volunteer Buddy to an allocated person to
work towards their goals as described in their action plans.
• Volunteer Buddy would arrange regular time to contact, attend sessions as appropriate. This
could be in person, via telephone or online, but is time limited to a maximum of 12 weeks.
• Volunteer Buddy will feedback progress to Volunteer Coordinator at scheduled times.
• Volunteer Buddy will record visits on shared document.
• Volunteer will review progress and work with Health & Wellbeing Worker to ensure they
have an exit plan.
• Reporting any concerns to Volunteer Coordinator.
Key Skills:
• Flexibility
• Great listener/active listening skills
• Highly motivated
• Non judgemental
• Positive outlook
• Recording and reporting skills
• Good organisational skills
Requirements: Will require person to travel around London Borough of Enfield. DBS Enhanced
required. Understanding of lone working. Understanding of professional boundaries. Understanding
Responsible to: Health & Wellbeing Worker and Volunteer Coordinator – Enfield Wellbeing
Benefits: Volunteer expenses/ travel expenses and costs. Reimbursement for calls. Induction traing
and ongoing training.

For more information contact: