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Help us in our mission to improve later life for everyone in Exeter. By getting involved you can support our vital life enhancing services for older people within the city.

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Donating to Age UK Exeter

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You can make a difference today by making a donation to help us meet the needs of older people locally. To donate now via our online giving form, please click the 'Donate Now' button. Thank you.

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Making a difference locally

Donating money to Age UK Exeter means you are directly supporting our services for older people in Exeter. Age UK is a national charity and separate from us; if you donate to Age UK then the money is used nationally.

We subscribe to the Code of Fundraising Practice as set out by the Fundraising Regulator. For more information, please visit the Fundraising Regulator website:

Age UK Exeter’s fundraising charter

At Age UK Exeter, we have developed our fundraising activity with our donors and older people in mind. Anyone who is kind enough to consider supporting us can be reassured that:

  • We do not undertake any fundraising door-to-door activity
  • We do not ask for direct debit donations on the street
  • We do not ‘cold-call’ people for fundraising purposes
  • We only phone people with whom we have an existing relationship or who have already given us permission to contact them
  • Every communication from us to members of the public will always include information on how to opt out from future communications
  • We always stop direct debits or standing orders received from donors if family and friends advise us that the donor is vulnerable in some way
  • We always abide by the Institute of Fundraising Code of Fundraising Practice
  • We will keep our fundraising practices under review and we will work with the aim of improving practice across the charity sector
  • We promise not to share your details with any other organisation

We hugely value the help of all our kind supporters and we take all feedback seriously. We would also encourage supporters to share feedback with us so we can address any enquiries and concerns.

We abide by the IOF Codes of Practice to ensure that all our activities are open and fair, honest and legal.

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Age Positive: rather than talk about ‘the elderly’, ‘pensioners’ or ‘OAPs’, which can be excluding or have negative connotations, we use the term ‘older people’. Age UK Exeter is committed to helping people love later life.

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