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We match an older person who has a spare room with someone in need of low cost accommodation in return for support and companionship

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We have partnered with Two Generations to make Homeshare even more widely available for the benefit of everyone across Hillingdon, Harrow, and Brent.

Homeshare is designed to help reduce isolation and improve wellbeing. It enables two unrelated people to share a home for mutual benefit.

An older person with a spare room (Householder) is carefully matched with a person who is in need of low cost accommodation (Sharer). In return for accommodation the Sharer gives the Householder 10 hours of their time each week as a combination of practical support and companionship. 

Each Homeshare match is individual.  The type of support may include some light housework, cooking, shopping, gardening, help with computers and technology, or spending time together over a meal or a cup of tea. The presence of another person in the house, especially overnight, will also benefit the Householder and reassure their families


Coronavirus: Scrabble, baking and how we beat loneliness together

Lockdown has shone a light on the issue of loneliness in the UK. Could homesharing - which often brings together older people living alone with a younger person looking for somewhere affordable to live - offer a solution?

Housemates become new friends!

Gretta (90) and Rick (65+) live together in a Homeshare arrangement. Watch them talk about how it works for them.

Contact us to learn more about Homeshare

For an informal chat about Homesharing and whether it’s for you, call us on 020 8756 3040