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Contact Sam at Homeshare

Please do not hesitate to contact Sam to have an informal chat about Homesharing and whether it is for you. Phone her on 020 3957 8671

What do I have to provide for the Sharer?

You will need to provide the Sharer with a bedroom and access to the main facilities your house.  The idea is that the Sharer lives in your home e.g. spending time together in the lounge watching TV, cooking in the kitchen or spending time in the garden.  

Can the Sharer provide Personal Care?

No. Sharers are not able to provide personal care.  If you require a carer we suggest you contact the social services department of your local authority to request an assessment of your needs.  However, a Homeshare could run alongside an established care package.

When will my Sharer provide the 10 hours support?

The 10 hours will need to be agreed and fit around the Sharer’s work or studies and your preferences.  It is quite likely it will fall into evening and weekends if the Sharer is working or studying full time.  Your preferences and the availability of the Sharer are considered in the matching process.

How long does a Homeshare arrangement last?

We ask for Sharers to commit for at least 6 months.  A Homeshare could last several years or could come to a natural end as a Sharer finishes studying or personal circumstances change.  If an arrangement did end we would do our best to re-match you with a new Sharer as soon as we can.

There is a one month trial period for you both.  During this time, either side can discontinue, giving one weeks written notice.

What if I want the Sharer to leave?

We make every effort to ensure things will work out.  But if something does go wrong and the situation cannot be resolved, we would issue the Sharer with one month’s notice.

How long does it take to make a match?

Matching the right people together is our priority rather than just rushing into a match that might not work.  As soon as you get in touch we can start the process of finding out more about you and who would make a good match for you.

How much does it cost?

There is no exchange of money between you and the Sharer.  For facilitating the Homeshare we charge you a small monthly fee starting from the date the Sharer moves in of £100 per month.  This works out at approximately £3 per day for the support, peace of mind and companionship.

The monthly fee paid to Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent covers the costs of setting up the Homeshare and the regular, ongoing contact and support provided

Who pays for the food and bills?

The Sharer will pay for their own food, or a fair share of the food if you are eating together.

Sharers can be asked to pay an agreed contribution towards household bills as a result of them moving in.

The payment will be set up as a monthly standing order into your bank account. 

Will my Council Tax be affected?

If your Sharer is a student (or an apprentice or student nurse) then they are exempt from Council Tax and no additional Council Tax is payable as a result of them moving in.  Therefore, if you are claiming a single person discount, it would not be affected.

If your Sharer is working and you are claiming a single person’s 25% discount, this could be withdrawn.  However, councils have different rules as to whether a Sharer can exempted from Council Tax.  We would support you to contact your local council and discuss your personal situation directly with them.  As a Sharer is deemed to be a Volunteer, living in the home to give practical help and companionship, some councils are beginning to see the benefit of this for their older residents and may allow you to keep your discount.

If your discount has been withdrawn, Sharers can been asked to pay an agreed capped, contribution towards Council Tax per month as a result of them moving in.

Will I lose my benefits if I have a Sharer?

Benefits such as Attendance Allowance and Severe Disablement Benefit are not taken away if you have a Sharer.  In fact if you are claiming this type of benefit, Council Tax may not be payable and the Sharer may not be liable for any Council Tax payments regardless of their work status.  It is important you clarify your own personal situation.

What if I can't afford the monthly cost?

We can offer a free financial benefits check to ensure that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

Do I need to take our additional insurance?

We recommend that you inform your home insurance provider, however the Sharer will be responsible for arranging the insurance of their own possessions.

I don't own my own home. Can I still be a Householder?

You will need to seek permission from your mortgage provider and landlord before applying to be a Householder.

If you live in Local Authority Housing you will need to ask permission to have a Sharer live with you and how contributions to bills may affect your benefits.

We recommend that you speak to us first before applying and we can support you to contact your council to ask how your benefits may change.

Why should I use Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent to facilitate my Homeshare?

We are members of Homeshare UK and follow their Code of Conduct and guidelines set out in their Quality Assurance Framework. 

Age UK is the UK’s leading charity working with older people.  We undertake a strict vetting process for Sharers, and remain in contact with both parties to give advice and to ensure you are fully supported for the duration of every Homeshare.