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(The new name for our Befriending service)

The MYneighbour service recognises the causes and consequences of isolation and we understand that tackling loneliness is about building communities with a social infrastructure that can help build resilience. We are there to provide a safety net for Lambeth residents and bridge the gap between formal and informal support at a neighbourhood level, we can help with:

We are now open for befriending referrals! Please fill out a form via the link below:
Please note ...
We are working very hard to make sure our MYneighbour Friendships clients are matched with a friend as soon as possible, but due to high demand, this can be difficult. We will contact your client with an update as soon as we can.

Friendship Calls

During this time of increased physical distance, regular phone calls provide a great opportunity for social connections. Over 400 volunteers make weekly Friendship Calls to isolated and vulnerable residents around Lambeth. Please click here to make a referral.

Regular Befriending

A volunteer will come and visit you once a week for about an hour, you can sit and chat with a cuppa or if you would like to head out for a walk, to a local cafe or anywhere you fancy visiting (due to COVID 19 there are restrictions in place to protect our clients and volunteers, please ask us for more info). Please click here to make a referral.

Positive Connections

Positive Connections is a befriending project for older people living with HIV that are experiencing isolation specifically due to the stigma associated with living with HIV. It aims to alleviate loneliness by connecting you with a volunteer who also has a positive HIV diagnosis but who are living happily and healthily with the virus. Your volunteer can visit you once a week for an hour in your home or meet you out and about for an activity, a walk in the park, or just a cup of tea and a chat. Our team will keep in regular contact to see how you are doing. Click here to find out more.

Digital Neighbours

We want to promote digital inclusion and provide basic digital support and learning to AUK clients in one’s own local neighbourhood. Please click here to make a referral.

MYdigital Friend

We aim to connect people via email across the community and beyond! We hope by introducing people via an email service will help reduce isolation within the Lambeth community and enhance people's digital skills. Please click here to make a referral.


Our volunteers can help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, running errands as well as celebrating our clients with homemade birthday cakes! Please click here to make a referral.

Home Cooks

We hope to address loneliness by offering another form of befriending and social opportunity through peoples love of food. Volunteers who love cooking and have a passion for helping their local community can cook and deliver a meal for a lonely resident in Lambeth, if you would like to refer someone to receive a meal please click here to make a referral


We have amazing volunteers all around Lambeth who keep our wonderful projects going! Click here to find out more about volunteering.

To make a referral to any of the MyNeighbour services, please select the service you would like from the drop-down menu above and you will find the referral form in there. If you aren't sure about which service would be best suited, you are welcome to contact us, myneighbour@ageuklambeth.org or give us a call on 0203 1435 836.