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Age UK London’s network gives us access to a wide variety of potential case studies representing all races and backgrounds. We regularly source case studies for radio, TV and print enquiries. We will always do our best to find suitable case studies around issues that affect older Londoners.

When you request a case study we will ask you to tell us:

  • The nature of the request and what you want the case study to do
  • Whether you are looking for any particular demographic
  • Whether the interview will be pre-recorded or live
  • How much of the case study’s time you require
  • Whether you can cover travel costs (if required)
  • Your deadline and the date the piece will land/air

It also helps if you can give some examples of the kind of questions you plan to ask the case study so that we can make sure they are well-briefed. 

We know that your deadlines are often tight but please give us as much warning as possible to ensure that we can find the most suitable case study for your request.

Please also be aware that case studies are often represented for potentially vulnerable individuals talking about sensitive topics. In such situations it may not always be possible to fulfil your request.

To request a case study, contact Dee Byrne email