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Transport Emerges as Key Issue for Older Londoners Ahead of Mayoral Election

Published on 30 April 2024 11:54 AM

  • 50% of older Londoners want the new mayor to improve transport

According to an Age UK London poll of Londoners aged 50 and above, 50% of respondents identified transport issues as their primary concern and would like to see this as a focus for the new Mayor.

Improvements in London’s transport system, including lifting restrictions on travel concessions, accessible transport, and the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), have emerged as top priorities for older Londoners in the upcoming mayoral election.

Several mayoral candidates have already pledged to reinstate pre-9am travel for Freedom Pass and 60+ Oyster card holders and to abolish ULEZ. The poll, which posed the question, “If you could ask the next Mayor to do one thing to improve the lives of older Londoners, what would it be?” received responses from over 620 individuals aged 50 and above.

Abi Wood, CEO of Age UK London, commented, “Older people have campaigned vigorously for the reintroduction of travel concessions for over 60s before 9am, with over 90,000 adding their names to petitions and letters coordinated by Age UK London. With many older individuals grappling with the cost of living, access to affordable travel options can alleviate some of these financial pressures.”

Other concerns raised by older Londoners included the lack of public toilets, with 11% of respondents urging the new Mayor to increase the number of public conveniences.

Complaints about e-bikes and e-scooter as well as rubbish on pavements and potholes on roads were also common. Crime was another significant issue, with older Londoners expressing concerns about knife crime and calling for a stronger police presence on the streets.

Abi Wood continued “If older people cannot afford to go out, are worried about lack of toilets or feel unsafe, they stay at home. It drives isolation and loneliness, so decision makers must be looking at ways to avoid this for older Londoners.”

Age UK London received feedback from more than 600 individuals and organisations on the issues they most want the Mayor to address. This feedback was incorporated into Age UK London’s manifesto for the London Mayor and Assembly elections.