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'Tell Me!' Campaign Survey

11 December 2014

We would love you to fill in a survey about Age UK London's next campaign, 'Tell Me!', on public information for older people.

Age UK London is starting a new campaign called 'Tell Me!' to improve the information older people get from Councils and the NHS to help access vital public services. We hope to work with older people and local organisations to develop this campaign, which comes from our Your Priorities consultation on older Londoners’ top asks for change. As part of this campaign we want to:


Find out more about the exact issues older Londoners are experiencing when trying to find important information


Hold a participatory 'Information Scavenger Hunt' event where people in different places will look for the same information, and we will report on how everyone gets on! This will be in early March 2015.


Our first campaign activity is to ask you if you could fill in a short survey telling us your experiences of accessing public information in London. You can access and fill in the survey online. Alternatively, you can print out the survey after downloading it below, and then post it free to; Age UK London, FREEPOST LON 7615, London, SE1 6BR.


We plan to publish our campaign research and recommendations in April 2015.


We will keep updating this information and in the meantime, please contact Gordon Deuchars on if you would like more details.