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Trustees Week 2023

Published on 01 November 2023 12:38 PM

Trustees Week (6-10th November) is just around the corner and is a time for us to come together to celebrate the achievements of nearly one million trustees across the UK. This year we are celebrating the dedication and commitment of our own Board of Trustees and thought it fitting that one of our very own Trustees, Roy, should share their experience with you.

Following my taking early retirement from Adult Social Care in a London Borough, at the end of May 2007, I set up my own business as an Adult Social Care Consultant, specialising in the care of Older People.  I successfully ran my business working in the Private Sector as well as being a member of a Government Quango.  I finally fully retired in September 2014.  But, having taken that decision I soon missed being involved in the care of older people and sought to find something to do elsewhere in that field. My term of office ends at the next Annual Review Meeting in September 2024.

When I was appointed, the organisation was bigger than it is now.  It operated a Residential Care and Extended Housing facility, in Norwich.  It also operated several Day Care units across the County.  My background in Adult Social Care, particularly with Older People was immediately put to use and I was asked to offer help and advice to the staff teams at our facilities.  I took this role on with pleasure and offered advice to ensure the units remained fully Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliant right up until they closed.  I like to think I was able to offer positive advice and support to those unit Managers in their day-to-day management and operation.

I served for a period as Vice Chairman and got to learn about every aspect of the organisations work.  In that capacity I was able to represent the organisation by giving talks to potential corporate donors, as well as receiving donations from companies or organisation on behalf of the Charity.

While giving talks it became clear that people are generally unaware that Age UK Norfolk is a charity in its own right.  Once people realise this and get to understand that every penny raised by Age UK Norfolk benefits Norfolk older people, then donations seem to be more generous.  I had the pleasure of giving talks to a range of Norfolk organisations and I am delighted that through those talks I was able to convince several people to become Age UK Norfolk Volunteers, particularly Telephone Befrienders.  A positive outcome, something I am proud of achieving. 

"It has been an absolute honour and privilege for me to have had the opportunity to contribute to the charities success.  I am looking forward to continuing my role until September next year."

Age UK Norfolk is a thriving Charity due to the dedication of its staff and Volunteers.  It is well placed to continue to provide high quality support and services for Older People throughout Norfolk well into the future.  It has been an absolute honour and privilege for me to have had the opportunity to contribute to the charity’s success.  I am looking forward to continuing my role until September next year.

Being a Trustee of Age UK Norfolk is a real privilege.  If you are reading this thinking I could make positive contribution then take your thoughts further.  You will need to have time available to attend regular Board, Committee and other ad hoc meetings as necessary. 

I can assure you that unless you are either the Chairman or Vice Chairman, the time commitment is easily managed and is far from onerous.  An affinity with and a broad understanding of the charities Aims and Objectives, would be helpful.  As would previous experience of committee procedures and finance.  But if you do not have that knowledge don’t rule yourself out.  Instead make contact with the organisation, let them know of your interest and talk though what you think you can bring to the table to assist the charity. 

Volunteering for Age UK Norfolk is a very rewarding experience and one I can assure any potential volunteers is well worth having.

Interested in joining our team as a Trustee? Contact  or visit our dedicated web page to find out more today!