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Free Home Safety Check and Falls Prevention

Fire service aids

Published on 25 September 2020 06:39 PM

It is now well established that the risk factors which increase the vulnerability of an individual to fire are exactly aligned to those which affect a person’s health and wellbeing – age, mobility, smoking, alcohol, mental health, livingalone etc.

This is the ethos behind TWFRS developing home safety checks which will incorporate the standard home fire safety check with additional elements around health and wellbeing, focusing on a person-centred approach. In addition for those aged 65 years and over, primary falls prevention advice is also provided.

The FREE home-safety check aims to identify all fire and lifestyle associated hazards, in order to reduce the risk of having a fire or an accident in the home. Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service personnel deliver various methods of firesafety education and protection advice and will fit appropriate smoke detection, including specialised smoke detection for the deaf and hard of hearing if required.

Education and advice is always tailored and appropriate to the personal needs and circumstances of the occupier in their home. Tyne and Wear Fire and RescueService personnel will ensure that all aspects of fire safety and lifestyle risks arecovered during the visit, including:

  • Fire escape plans
  • Bedtime routine
  • Kitchen and cooking safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Smoking safety
  • Candle safety

The lifestyle factors the FRS will offer brief advice and onward referral to the most appropriate partners for are:smoking cessation, alcohol and substance misuse, dementia, winter warmth, social isolation, hoarding, flu vaccine advice, access to benefits, carers support and crime prevention.

Additional falls prevention element:

In addition to the home safety check, primary falls prevention is also offered to all occupiers aged over 65 years. The check aims to deliver advice around falls prevention, covering the following:

  • Eye sight tests
  • Medication reviews
  • Slipper check
  • Interior lighting
  • Good housekeeping/removing clutter
  • The importance of strengthand balance/exercise classes

Prevention staff also carry out low-level interventions within the home including:

  • Securing loose rugs and worn carpets
  • Securing loose or untidy cables
  • Removal of trip hazards
  • Issue of non-slip bath mats, postcard room thermometers, helping hands, replacement ferrules for walking aids and nightlights are also available.

In addition, onward referral to the Falls Service is also offered.
To request a visit:

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Or call 0191 444 1831

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